I Want An Automatic Labeling Machine

1. What is automatic labeling machine

An automatic labeling machine is a device that can attach rolls of paper or metal foil labels to prescribed packaging containers or products. The back of the label is self-contained with adhesive and is regularly arranged on smooth backing paper. The peeling mechanism on the labeling machine can automatically peel it off. Labeling can complete various operations such as plane pasting, single-sided or multi-sided pasting of packaging, cylindrical pasting, partial or full-covering cylindrical pasting, and concave and corner pasting.

2. Introduction of automatic labeling machine

Many automatic labeling machines have different functions, but the basic principles are similar. The automatic labeling machine is a device that sticks paper or metal foil labels on the specified packaging containers with adhesives.
It can complete various operations such as flat sticking, single- or multi-sided packaging, cylindrical sticking, partial or full-covering cylindrical sticking, concave and corner sticking, and other operations.

3. Functional characteristics of automatic labeling machine

(1). Wide range of application: it can realize not only the side (plane) single labeling/corner touching label of square bottle/flat bottle (full bottle state), but also realize the single/double labeling function of circumferential positioning of round bottle
(2). The unique material distribution mechanism ensures reliable and effective material distribution when used online with the production line
(3). The unique corner labeling mechanism ensures that the corner labels on the three sides of the square bottle are flat and wrinkle-free
(4). It can be used both as a stand-alone machine and in conjunction with the production line