Welcome and THANK YOU for visiting!

Big thanks go out to the Victorian Government to give us a public holiday on the 23rd October and call it "Thank You Day". This is our opportunity to give thanks to them for all of the fantastic things they have done to us during this incredible year of 2020. It is also an opportunity for us to thank all of the things that have contributed to this being an amazing opportunity for growth and understanding.

It is impossible to be a victim when you are grateful, and in this spirit we are at our most powerful as we shine light onto ourselves and others by giving blessings to all that is.

This is the day to grab you blue-tooth speaker, head out to your nearest water hole, beach, lake, river or creek and rock out to the special soundtrack provided by Protestival.

We have leaders that are looking after the topics concerning the locations for people to go to and give thanks. If you have another location that would be a great spot to add please let us know.