She rolled her eyes and saw the beautiful young woman smiling at herself. The young woman looked familiar, as if. "Aunt?" How is that possible? She couldn't believe it. "Duo, you can recognize your aunt!" The imperial concubine Yu whispered in surprise. Sandona's consciousness gradually cleared, and she struggled to sit up, clutching Yu's hand in disbelief. Aunt, I'm not dreaming? Am I not dead? She murmured. "It wasn't a dream. It's a good thing you lived with your aunt and survived the disaster. You must be blessed in the future." With tears and laughter, she held Sandona in her arms. "Auntie, my mother is dead, my father Khan is dead, and almost all my people are dead.." Remembering the sight of corpses all over the field, Sandor let out a wail. "My aunt already knows." The imperial concubine patted her with heartache, and her eyes were red. "Poor Duo,interactive panels for education, don't worry. Your aunt is still here. She will take good care of you." Sandona hugged her tightly, like the only lifesaving driftwood, and sobbed. The imperial concubine Yu held her in her arms and cried with her until her crying stopped. Are you feeling better? Are you hungry? Would you like something to eat? She asked lovingly, holding Sandona's face in her hands. Sandor nodded with tears in her eyes. "Rong'er, go and soak the steamed buns in the hot soup and get a bowl." Sandor leaned on the warm bosom of the imperial concubine Yu,smartboards for business, suddenly moved in her heart, looked at the injured man, and this time finally saw the snow-like face, which was the person who would occasionally appear in her dream. "Isn't that Jiwei's cousin?" She straightened up in terror and exclaimed in amazement. "Yes, you just met two months ago." The imperial concubine Yu smiled sadly. In just two months, there has been an earth-shaking change in each of them. "Cousin got hurt. How did he get hurt?" All her thoughts and attention were drawn to Jiwei. "It's a long story." The imperial concubine Yu sighed helplessly. Why don't you take medicine when you're hurt? It will be better if you take the medicine! There are so many people here, how come there's no one to give medicine to cousin? She cried anxiously, feeling her heart clenched. Yu imperial concubine sighed, even more speechless. Sandor remembered something and reached into the hidden pocket at his waist and took out a small purse. "I happen to have the blood-activating pill and the Chinchuang medicine that Father Khan gave me. I'll go and apply them for my cousin." When she finished, smartboards in classrooms ,smart interactive whiteboard, she struggled to get up, but fell to the ground with weakness. "You're still weak. Wait a minute." Yu imperial concubine hurriedly supported her. "Cousin was hurt so badly, how could he wait?" She was very insistent. "Auntie, why don't you ask someone to apply this medicine to your cousin?" "This.." Yu imperial concubine hesitated to speak. "What's the matter?" Sandor felt that her aunt's expression was very strange, and then looked at a group of people kneeling on the ground, each with a look of embarrassment. "Your cousin doesn't allow anyone to go near him, so no one dares to come forward and apply medicine for him." The imperial concubine Yu smiled helplessly. Sandor's eyes widened in astonishment. I don't know what all of you are doing? All I know is that it's important to heal. If no one dares to go, I'll go. Practicing what she preached, she struggled to get up and staggered in the direction of Ji Wei. Everyone was dumbfounded and secretly pinched a cold sweat for the Mongolian girl. Gentle Yu imperial concubine is aware of Sandor's undisguised concern for Jiwei. She believes that perhaps even Sandor herself does not know that Jiwei has caused some unexplainable feelings in her heart. She decides not to interfere and is happy to see the flames between them. Lying on the wolf-skin mattress, Jiwei, sleeping with his eyes closed, heard the words of Sangduo clearly. He knew that this little Mongolian cousin had a straightforward and unruly personality, and would not fear him like a tiger like a palace maid or a bodyguard. He kept quiet and waited to see what Sangduo would do. A pair of cool little hands touched his shoulder gently, and the burning skin felt the coolness, which strangely faded the restless mood in his body. "It's so hot, but don't get a fever." She murmured worriedly and gently wiped the blood from the wound with her hands. Although Jiwei did not open his eyes, he could hear the pity and anxiety in Sandor's voice, and strongly felt her heartfelt concern. "The wound is so deep. Who was so cruel to lay such a heavy hand?" She choked with sobs and carefully poured Jin Chuangyao on his wound. The wound was stimulated by the powder, and the pain of contraction spread to his limbs and bones, and he could not help but sit up in pain. "What kind of medicine did you give me?" He grabbed Sandona's hand and glared at her. "This is the best medicine for the golden wound. Well, lie down quickly. Most of the medicine has gone!" She hurriedly pressed him back on the wolf-skin plate and said to him like a stubborn child. "Man, what's there to be afraid of? The pain will be over in a minute. Don't be afraid!" Jiwei was used to being a superior elder brother, and no one dared to talk to him in such a tone. For a moment, he became angry from embarrassment and aroused a sense of pride that even he could not tell. Did I allow you to come and apply the medicine? Fuck off He is cold and low. Sandor's hands, which were tidying up the cloth, stopped and looked at him. The whole hall was silent, and everyone looked at Sandona with trepidation. "Cousin doesn't like me to help you apply the medicine, but there's nothing I can do. No one here dares to lean over and apply the medicine for you. Just bear with me." She ignored his resistance, and her little hand worked nimbly and skillfully on his shoulder blade, quickly wrapping the wound layer by layer. As soon as Jiwei met someone who didn't take his words seriously,smart board interactive whiteboard, he couldn't get angry with her any more, otherwise it would seem that he was in a child's temper. He angrily turned his head and let her push him around. Seeing this, everyone breathed a sigh of relief and admired Sangduo's bravery. Only the imperial concubine Yu saw it in her eyes and was happy in her heart.