Li Hsuan gave a snort and said, "Although that bitch has been killed by me and Xiaoliuzi?"? We ran away, but we didn't have the extra strength to catch up, especially Wenmei, because she ate the most fiercely and had more diarrhea. She spent three days in that small town before she recovered her strength and went on her way. At this point, he could not help sighing and saying, "It was only after a few days of delay that the old thief had time to arrange a trap for us to be taken in!" He Keren said disapprovingly, "Didn't Second Brother think of such a delaying tactic?"? How can you be taken in so easily? Li Hsuan let out a "snort" and looked angrily at the quiet room. "It's all because Xiao Liuzi is disobedient and insists on showing off his skills. That's why I almost threw my old bones at Shijiapu!" Chang Tai-ho said with a smile, "At least you haven't thrown away a few old bones yet, so you'd better tell us how you got sick and let everyone have a reference!" Li Xuan was silent for a long time, and then he told the details of what happened to Shi Jiapu! After he and Lan Qiming scared Shi Xiaoping away with a breath of True Qi, they recuperated in a small town for three days and recovered their strength before setting off for northern Hubei. Along the way unexpectedly no more trouble happened, safely on the evening of the 14th day of the first lunar month, arrived at Tongbai Mountain, Li Xuan and Lan Qiming returned to the old place, naturally familiar with the road with Shi Wen, came to Shijiapu outside! Mouth three people just through the woods outside the castle, eyes touch, all can not help but be startled, Qi will stop! It turned out that this Shijia Fort was not only decorated with lanterns and colored streamers everywhere, but also shone as brightly as day inside and outside. Moreover, the gate of the fort was wide open, and on the lintel of the gate was a huge colored card, on which were written a row of big characters, such as "Welcome to the three-handed hero Lan Chi-ming to make a fool of himself in the fort."! Strangely, although the lights were brilliant,stackable plastic pallets, there was no sound or figure in the castle, and it was as quiet as if it were an uninhabited empty castle! The three of them stopped and watched for a while. Li Hsuan shook his head and snorted, "I'm not going to fall for this empty city trick. Let's go back to the outside of the valley and find a place to sleep for one night. Tomorrow, in broad daylight, we'll pay a grand visit and see if we can do it. We'll just ask for the" Spirit Spring of the Zidamu River. " Lan Chi-ming snorted and said, "If I don't go into the castle tonight and steal a piece of him, I won't have to hang out in Jianghu!" Li Xuan stared at him with strange eyes and sang in a low voice, Nonsense! Don't you see that this is a trap? Why do you have to open your eyes? Aren't you asking for trouble? Lan Chi-ming shook his head and said, "In this situation,plastic pallet supplier, even if I knew it was a pit of fire, I would have to jump down!" Li Hsuan snorted and said, "I'm not interested in dancing with you. If you want to dance, you can do it yourself." Lan Chi-ming said coldly, "Have you ever read the art of war?" Li Hsuan sneered, "Maybe it's the same thing that says, 'The real is the real, and the unreal is the real.'" "No," said Lan Chi-ming, "this time it's called" taking them by surprise and attacking them unprepared. " Li Xuan rolled his strange eyes and said with a sneer, "But they're obviously prepared on purpose. How can you do it?"? How to attack? Is it not a lie? Lan Qiming gave a sneer. He straightened his expression and said, "That's right. Under normal circumstances, do we have to stay put, or do we have to retreat and find another way?" Li Hsuan nodded and said, "Of course, that's the right thing to do!" Lan Chi-ming said coldly, "If that's the case, it's exactly what the other side expected, plastic wheelie bins ,plastic trash bins, isn't it?" Li Hsuan nodded again and said, "Not bad!" Lan Chi-ming said in a low voice, "If we don't do this, won't we be completely surprised by the other side?" When Li Hsuan heard this, he said, "This.." Lan Chi-ming was elated, and she said with a smile, "This is called" taking people by surprise and attacking them unprepared. "Second Brother has figured it out." Li Xuan thought for a moment and felt that this view was quite reasonable. He shook his head and said, "Well, even if you have a crooked reason, how are you going to get in? As far as I can see, there may still be people lined up at the gate to welcome you!" Lan Chi-ming hesitated and said with a smile, "In this case, of course it's more appropriate to go in through the gate!" Li Xuan gave a strange laugh and said, "Anyway, I'm sacrificing my life to accompany a gentleman. Let's go!" As soon as the iron crutch was propped up, he went to the castle gate first. "Wait a minute," said Lan Chi-ming with one hand in the column! I'm the one they're welcoming, so it's better for my second brother to come to the rear! So, instead of Lan Qiming in the front, Shi Wen in the middle, and Li Xuan in the rear, he swaggered straight to the open gate of Shijiapu! The three of them stopped for a moment and looked into the castle, only to see that it was empty and there was no welcome as Li Xuan had expected! Lan Chi-ming laughed and said, "If the master doesn't come to greet us, we won't be too slow!" With these words, he stepped into the gate! Through the vast vestibule, came to the first hall, still did not see any movement, three people also unceremoniously entered the hall, eyes swept around, bright as day light, still not half a figure, but one of the Eight Immortals table, but placed three bowls of steaming tea! Lan Qiming gave a sneer! Ignore, when the first through the hall, through the hanging lanterns in the courtyard, into the second heavy flower hall! This elegant flower hall is also brightly lit and empty, but there is a rich table of wine and food and three cups and chopsticks in it! Lan Chi-ming still paid no attention and did not stop at his feet, but Li Hsuan gave a sneer and shouted, "Wait a minute!" Lan Chi-ming stopped and turned around. "What's the matter?" He asked. Li Hsuan said with a sneer, "If you keep rushing in like this, do you already know where the" Spirit Spring of the Zidamu River "exists?" "Well.." said Lan Chi-ming. Li Hsuan gave a strange laugh and said, "I think we have to find someone to ask about it. Otherwise, this is not the way to go!" Lan Chi-ming nodded and said, "Second Brother is right, but since the master doesn't show up, how can he find someone to ask?" "I, Li Laoer, have my own way," said Li Xuan with a strange smile. As soon as the voice fell, the iron crutch in his hand waved and swept away the feast at the table! "Soldier, soldier, soldier, clatter!" There was a loud noise, and the whole table of fine wine and delicacies was smashed to pieces! However,euro plastic pallet, unexpectedly beyond Li Xuan's expectation, although the banquet was smashed, but still no one came out!