Egyptian God pattern is the pattern he was born to understand, different from the text, this is a kind of text similar to the Egyptian pyramid murals, the ancient moon has a nod, because the Egyptian God pattern is ten times more than the Egyptian text hieroglyphics. Amon spoke very slowly. Although he looked very young, he was actually older than Merlin. It could only be said that people could not be judged by appearances. After explaining for half a day, Gu Yue called a halt early, and the teaching of Egyptian divine patterns was suspended. Gu Yue asked Amon to talk about Egyptian formations first. In fact, Amon doesn't know what a formation is. He just instinctively knows how to use these divine lines. Most of the formations in Egypt are triangles and squares, not circles, and they are not as powerful as magic formations and Taoist formations. Egyptian array is the most powerful defensive, which is far less than magic and Taoism. Amon randomly put a triangle array to Gu Yue to see, at the same time told Gu Yue how much strength he used, then Gu Yue found that under the same array, to break the Egyptian array, need twice the strength. That is to say, the defense of any Egyptian array is twice as much as that of the defensive magic array and the defensive Tao array. Ancient month is understood, why Atlantis array defense is so strong, I am afraid the reason lies here, Egypt's array defense for a long time, so the enemy chose as one of the combination array. "Amon, why don't you believe that you can get rid of death by becoming the main God?" Gu Yue saw that the time was about the same, so he asked. For Amon, Gu Yue did not understand, and he also did not know how Amon found Liu Lang. "I believed it," Amon said lightly. Originally, Amon also believed that killing the fantasy body could cast the throne with flesh and blood. Later, he met a fantasy body, and the two fought dozens of times, ending in a draw. In the end, the two men discussed hunting other illusions, but a few months ago, the illusions suddenly exploded, and Amon was frightened, so he began to suspect that killing each other to become the main God would save him from death. When he came to Roland City, he was sure of that. Volume 3 [182] Situation and Preparation, Ready to Move! Updated: 2012-6-26 19:31:44 Words in this Chapter: 5178 Because here, he could feel the smell of destruction. Of course, this smell is not really the smell of destruction, but a premonition, just like the feeling you get when you see a nuclear weapon. When Amon looked out at Atlantis, he saw a huge nuclear weapon, a smell that would destroy the world. Like a python lurking in the deep water, a lion hiding in the grass, a tiger hiding in the jungle, it is dangerous and terrible. Monk is afraid. He's afraid of death. But who really isn't afraid of death? So he was looking for people who could destroy Atlantis. He was very secretive and low-key. He knew that there was a force that was killing those who resisted. Some people doubted, some people believed, some people believed that nature was protected. He would not risk fighting, but he was willing to help those who dared to fight. In fact, although Amon is a fantasy, Inflatable 5k obstacle , his mind is inclined to ordinary people, not to make the first bird, not to resist, but to support those who resist. Although Guyue's actions were secret, they could not escape the eyes of those who were interested, but Guyue's group of people were so powerful that no one dared to attack them. Although the city of Roland is mixed at this time, but they are all smart people, they are very clear about the current situation, they just want to get benefits, and they do not have to oppose the ancient moon. Especially Gu Yue they walk all the way, slay a lot of masters, these big forces of people will not be silly to bump into and be killed. Of course, this does not mean that they know the traces of Gu Yue and others like the palm of their hand, but every time after Gu Yue slays his opponent, people from other forces will come to watch and play soy sauce, thus inferring the route of Gu Yue and others. But a Meng is in the hands of the news dealers know Gu Yue and his party, and then contact Liu Lang. The morning class ended in Gu Yue's infinite headache. The study of Egyptian divine patterns also involved the Egyptian power system, which was the system of priests. Gu Yue's understanding of Egyptian priests was still in a movie. In his memory, Egyptian priests played with sand and could use sand to make a human face to eat airplanes. Time is already very tight, but there are many troubles. Gu Yue misses the time difference of the ancient dense forest infinitely at this time. Unfortunately, after that force disappears, the time difference has disappeared. But he still used a little brain, think of a person, perhaps she can help, but the vast sea of people, want to find that person, not easy. At noon, Gu Yue reviewed the magic spell, and then went to find Merlin after lunch. Merlin was extremely stuffy and coquettish. At least in Gu Yue's eyes, he was at the same level as Shen Ming. They were all stuffy and coquettish types that could not be released. Once they were released, I'm afraid cumin could not get rid of their coquetry and harmony. Merlin lives in a hotel near the edge of the city. This kind of hotel is cheap and beautiful. It is absolutely a good place for lovers to have a tryst with wild Mandarin ducks and lovers to play with the times. Merlin's light mirror magic is the best tool for peeping. Everyone should understand it. When Gu Yue found Merlin, he saw Merlin closing the mirror in a hurry. Then he coughed and said, "Why don't you knock at the door?" "It's you who are too absorbed in watching it. The small one is pleasant, the big one hurts the body, and the strong one goes up in smoke. Old man, you can do it yourself. Don't go up in smoke," Gu Yue said with a smile. Merlin was furious and said, "I won't go up in smoke even if I play for another hundred years." "With your small body, I doubt it very much." Gu Yue despised it. Merlin, as a magician, if not for the halo of fantasy body, I'm afraid he's definitely not in good health like most magicians. Merlin knew that Gu Yue's body was abnormal, and compared with Gu Yue, his body was really fragile, so he was speechless. "Good, do not say these, begin to teach, my time can be very precious," Gu Yue sees him eat shriveled, laugh immediately. Gu Yue of Mei Linle stopped laughing at him, so he immediately coughed twice and began to teach. Although most of this knowledge is extremely boring, Gu Yue listens very carefully, which is related to the life and death of the girl and Nukes, and he can not despise it. The afternoon passed in this way,Inflatable meltdown, and he continued to meditate in the evening. In the morning, he tried to set up a pentagram magic array, and the effect was good.