"Thank you, we will go with our predecessors." Sun Chengxiu gazed at Peng Guru. "Who on earth plotted against Ajiu? Did the elder have a clue?" "People outside may suspect Ah Wu," said Peng Guru. But when I was in Xixin Tang, I could be sure that since Ajiu landed on the island in the morning, Awu had never had a chance to send a message to outsiders. Just now I went to ask him whether it was possible for the people close to him on the island to plan this in order to kidnap Ajiu and take him away from the island. He thought it was impossible. The people around him were not prestigious except himself. Hearing this, the young man came over and said, "Shangguan has even killed his own brother. Can you still believe what he said?" Ji Shuliu was afraid that they would be delayed again when they argued. "Go and look for the entrance of the cave first," he said quickly. Chapter 65 sucking marrow and searching soul. ※ One ※ Qin Songfeng chased the figure of the short girl in the lake. She had suffered a serious injury that was difficult to cure, but as if she did not know the pain, she dragged Xiao Jiu to dive very fast. Although Qin Songfeng could follow her, she could not get closer for a while. The red blood melted in the water with their traces, not knowing whether the short girl had more blood or Xiao Jiu had more blood. Soon, struggling and weak Xiao Jiu was dragged into a cave on the lake wall. The terrain of the cave is getting higher and higher, gradually higher than the water surface, revealing the ground of the earth. There was light on the ground because there was a small torch in the wall. When Qin Songfeng jumped to the ground, the short girl was only thirty feet away from him. She was bending down and running forward with a torch picked from the wall. Xiao Jiu lay on her back on the ground, coughing hard, and was dragged by her wrists with one hand. The cave was only as wide as the shoulders of a man who was not too fat, allowing a normal adult man to bend down and pass through. Qin Songfeng smoothly bent his legs and bounced out in situ. His left hand instantly restrained the short girl's hand holding Xiao Jiu. The short girl looked back at him with a malicious sneer, and he realized that her right hand was digging deep into a depression in the wall,Flushometer valve, and a heavy iron gate fell behind him with a bang, blocking Sun Chengxiu out. The little girl sighed with relief and fell to the ground motionless, not even breathing. In the darkness ahead, he suddenly stretched out a hand with a glass of water in his hand, doused the torch that had fallen to the ground, and then the owner of the hand quickly fled farther away. His eyes were instantly dark and he could not see at all. Qin Songfeng pulled out his dagger and shot it out. The man in the distance let out a scream, but he did not stop and fled farther. Qin Songfeng tore off a sleeve of the short girl and padded it to pull the mechanism just now,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, but it seemed that the mechanism could only let the iron gate fall, but could not let the iron gate open. He listened to the footsteps in the dark and went farther and farther, not catching up, nor rushing to take Xiao Jiu with him. If the man put out the fire, why didn't he attack in the dark? Naturally, because there are some man-eating traps waiting ahead. Although Qin Songfeng is young, he has been walking in Jianghu for more than ten years. Naturally, he refuses to fall into such an obvious trap. He pulled Xiao Jiu back ten feet, curled up the short girl's warm body and stuffed it in the narrowest place in the hole, so that Sun Chengxiu, who was so anxious to knock on the door, hurried up to find another way, and then waited motionless. Xiao Jiu tore open the lining and simply wrapped it around the wound under the ribs to stop bleeding. After that, nothing could be heard in the narrow hole except the sound of breathing. Qin Songfeng's breathing was so low that it could hardly be heard. Only Xiao Jiu's breathing was slightly rapid. Qin Songfeng could even feel her body trembling uncontrollably. Her injury can't be delayed any longer. Qin Songfeng gritted his teeth, Time Delay Tap ,stainless steel toilet, cut off the wet place of the little girl's torch, and prepared to light it and venture forward. But there was a thump on the wall behind him. Xiao Jiu knocked many times on the solid earth wall beside him, only a dull echo came. Suddenly, the sound of a place is different, it seems that it is hollow behind! Qin Songfeng felt slightly strange and soon reacted that it was only Xiao Jiu who used his inner strength and special knocking techniques to deceive those who were waiting for them. Xiao Jiu pulled out a dagger and dug on the wall one by one. Qin Songfeng was worried that she would be injured. He took the dagger and half knelt on the ground. He pretended to dig with his left hand and held the hilt at his waist with his right hand, waiting quietly for the opportunity to counterattack. As expected, the ambushed people in the tunnel lost their composure. It seemed that someone thought he was smart enough to take a step forward whenever there was a dagger digging, in an attempt to cover up the sound of footsteps. He slowly approached here, but hesitated to stop in the middle. Qin Songfeng waited for a long time, but when he saw that they were still not coming, he whispered, "Quick, I'll break the back." Xiao Jiu stood up behind him, his clothes rubbing against the mud wall, simulating the sound of a man drilling a hole in the earth. There was a strange noise in front of him, as if someone had put a board on the ground, and then a hidden weapon was fired at the same time. They were stuck on the body of the short girl, occasionally leaking through the cracks, and were easily shot down by Qin Songfeng. After the shooting of the hidden weapon, the two men rushed to this side one after the other. Qin Songfeng returned the dagger to Xiao Jiu, with his left hand protruding forward against the body of the short girl, first blocking the first round of attack with the body, then throwing away the almost cut body, and fighting hand to hand with the people in the dark. There is no light here, but Qin Songfeng has practiced some skills of listening to the wind and distinguishing the shape before. Although he is not skilled, he can also deal with it calmly. He found that the two men in front of him had mediocre martial arts, but seemed to be born with brute force, and were particularly fierce and fearless of death, just like the short girl just now, as if he did not know the wound, did not know the pain, he had clearly pierced the lower abdomen of one of them, the narrow tunnel had been filled with fresh blood, but the enemy did not hum, even the sword did not slow down at all. One of them suddenly roared, the deafening roar temporarily covered up all the wind, Qin Songfeng can only judge the enemy's oncoming force by the wind felt by the skin, and was touched by the sword one after another. Although the enemy was more seriously wounded, the more frustrated they were, the more brave they were, and they never died. The roar was getting closer and closer, and Qin Songfeng was finally able to determine the position of the man's throat. As soon as his right wrist was turned over, the flank of the soft sword was wiped away. The man's blood vessels and trachea were broken together, and the roar stopped. Qin Songfeng turned his face sideways,Flush valve price, and blood ran across his face, brushing the bridge of his nose and spraying farther away. It was not until this moment that he realized that another person had quietly gone around his back, where Xiao Jiu was. cnkexin.com