"Boom!" The overwhelming energy fluctuations have once again caused a major collapse, the chaotic channel has turned into a chaotic sea, the surging chaotic waves are surging, and the dazzling light is flashing. This is really an earth-shaking fusion. The bright light, as well as the destructive breath, lasted for more than half an hour before it gradually faded away. In situ, leaving a lot of broken giant cables, faceless people standing in the air, long hair without wind, automatic, quantifiable armor to protect all the vital parts of the body. He has no facial features, of course, can not let people see through the look, do not know how he is feeling now. However, people can observe one or two things through mental fluctuations. At this moment, the faceless man is like an ancient well without waves, without any emotional fluctuations, he is very calm, if not for the vigorous vitality of his body. It makes you wonder if he's just a statue. Who "Where?" The confused mental fluctuations come out, which are not consistent with its powerful energy fluctuations at all. Everyone looked at each other, more convinced that he was a soul shell, no memory,Time Delay Tap, no past, he is now like a blank sheet of paper. The old man guarding the tomb nodded and said, "It's really the soul shell left behind by the second metamorphosis!" Xuan Xuan's beautiful face. With a thoughtful look, she was eager to know who the faceless man was? There was a vague feeling of uneasiness in her heart, and she couldn't help guessing the father and son. The old man guarding the tomb seemed to understand what she was thinking and said softly, "Don't jump to conclusions first. It looks like a big villain. It's not a peerless villain.". This Anything is possible before the facts come to the surface! At this point, the old man guarding the tomb shouted at the faceless man, "Hey,Concealed Flush Valve, that boy, you are my disciple. Come here and call the master to listen." The faceless man turned his head doubtfully. Looking at the old man guarding the tomb, and then really came step by step, driving up the great pressure, so that the strength of a slightly weaker ancient God felt bursts of shock. All the people are angry. The old man guarding the grave is so bad. Unexpectedly want to cheat such a powerful character, the absolute strength of the faceless man is superior, although it is only a soul shell, but I am afraid there are still few opponents! "Oh.." The old man who guarded the tomb laughed and looked a little proud. But suddenly, he felt a strong danger, a strong sweep to him, the faceless man slapped him away. Crashed into the depths of chaos with a crash. The old man guarding the grave was defenseless. Beaten dizzy, it took a long time to come to his senses and rush out, the old face red. "How dare you attack my old man.." he cried. Powerful spiritual fluctuations come out, and faceless people invisibly send out a pressure. Although he did not have any words, but virtually as if he had said, you old liar, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, I forgot the past, does not mean that I lack judgment! Xuan Xuan's smiling body trembled and laughed at her master. At this time, let everyone dumbfounded things happened, the faceless man actually step by step toward Chen Nan, and then actually quietly stood beside Chen Nan. Surprise everyone. Is Chen Nan himself, in the heart also a burst of violent beating, a strong man against the sky shed the soul shell, that person will not be him? This It seems a little unrealistic. If that's the case, how can he not have any memory? Chen Nan gradually calmed down, he said to himself in his heart, why to envy and fantasize about having a strong life experience, he is himself, the same to be the strongest! "Tell us again, boy," said the old man guarding the tomb. "The faceless man and the bloody coffin were really found on the cliff outside." "Yes!" Chen Nan said it in detail again. It seems that the soul shell is bound by the iron rope, and the minced meat in the blood coffin must be the meat shell, they are originally one. Strange, how can the faceless man be so similar to your figure? The old man guarding the tomb turned around Chen Nan. Boom! As a result, he was blown away by the faceless man. Of course, the faceless man obviously did not exert himself. The old man who guarded the tomb climbed out of the chaotic sea with a dusty face. I There is no justice. Are you the man who shed his shell? I don't believe it! The old man guarding the tomb said indignantly. Chen Nan gradually calmed down, the prehistoric flag, the blood-red coffin floated out, the faceless man entered the blood coffin, and then Chen Nan was included in the prehistoric flag. People at the scene are a little numb, this. A powerful person, so willing to be taken away, as if absolute obedience in general, this is really some strange ah! Should not, in front of Chen Nan is really the person who is constantly changing, everyone all guess so, but it seems hard to believe that this is true. This time, they returned along the original road and came to the ground smoothly. In fact, they can return to the dark continent from the door of the guide, but because the purple wind and others in Gu Tianlu are still there, it is necessary for them to take those people together. Desolate ancient Tianlu, no longer lonely today, so many powerful ancient gods here, all constantly searching, hoping to find all important clues. After all, the skeleton of the Great Demon Heavenly King was excavated from here. The old man guarding the tomb muttered that he wanted to dig up the remains of Dugu Detian and Dugu Xiaopu. As a result, Xuan Xuan was beaten violently. Tan Taixuan's soul has been sealed in the inner world by Chen Nan. Then Tan Taixuan's body was sealed from the two naughty little ones. Then he threw the purple and golden dragon into the inner heaven and earth. Chen Nan personally holding the trouble Jingxuan Xuan and Suo Suo, at the same time supervising the two slightly older children empty and Yiyi walking in front, ready to leave Gu Tianlu. There are ancient gods here, a few people together enough to open the ancient road, but Chen Nan wanted to see how strong the faceless man was, and released him. The sound is transmitted by mental fluctuations, and as a result, the faceless man listens silently. One punch! Just one punch opened Gu Tianlu! Enough to be equal to the joint efforts of several ancient gods! A huge bone passage appeared in the void, leading to the endless dark land. They all went up and left the mysterious ancient Tianlu. Chen Nan looked back for the last time,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, he actually saw the king holding the prehistoric flag, standing on the cliff beside the Grand Canyon, watching them go away. cnkexin.com