"I hope Arlo can have a daughter." This is what Grandpa Chu said. Chu Yiyi said, "Why don't you give birth to a pair of twins? If the twins are not sons and women, by the way, someone in our Chu family has given birth to twins before. Should we discuss this issue?" The Shen family looked at Chu Yiyi in unison, and Chu Yiyi knew that the Chu family probably didn't want to talk about this very much, so he simply started talking to the Shen family. In the last three seconds, we count down together. \ot3——2——1!” "Happy New Year!" They shouted in unison. After shouting Happy New Year, Chu Sheng said beside Shen Luo's ear, "In the new year, we should like each other more." Shen Luo smiled, "Well, I like each other better, but if I have a baby, who do you like better?" Chu Sheng did not hesitate, "I like you." Because of Chu Sheng's words, Shen Luo immediately laughed out, she said, "good, I will like you more." Looking at the two men like glue, everyone looked askance and pretended not to see them. Ha ha ha ha! Happy New Year! "Yes, yes, happy New Year." Chu Sheng finished here, Li Hang and Ning Xin two people are also late, Shen Luo and Chu Sheng went out to see them standing in the yard,heavy duty racking system, Ning Xin a look do not want to talk to Li Hang, Li Hang want to chat with Ning Xin, but do not know what to say to Ning Xin. Now Li Hang looks like a playboy. Shen Luo thinks that maybe Li Hang regretted breaking off his marriage with Ning Xin at the beginning, but he never had a chance to tell Ning Xin. It's just that now they have a chance to get in touch with Ning Xin, so they start to want to turn back openly. Shen Luo thought about it and said, "Li Hang, Ning Xin, Happy New Year." Here Shen Luo finished, Ning Xin hurriedly took a red envelope to Shen Luo,Cantilever Storage rack, "Happy New Year, we will not go in to pay New Year's greetings, we will wait for tomorrow to pay New Year's greetings." Chu Sheng said, "Don't care about that. All right, let's go." He glanced at Li Hang, who quickly lowered his head and kept silent. The Shen family and the Chu family originally wanted to go to the movies together, but they thought they were all going in pairs, and it was not appropriate for them to go, mainly because Chu Yiyi, Chu Yiyi was single, they were all in pairs, Chu Yiyi himself was not suitable, so they simply did not go. Because Li Hang and Ning Xin came over, Chu's father and mother also praised Li Hang a few words, Chu's mother sighed, "Li Hang that child is good, but unfortunately with Ning Xin contact engagement, Warehouse storage racks ,pipe cantilever rack, but now it seems that he wants to chase Ning Xin, I hope he can catch up with it." The Shen couple looked at each other and did not speak. A group of four people did not check in after arriving at the cinema, because the cinema is Chu Sheng, they went directly through the passage, after all, Shen Luo and Ning Xin are here, they are highly topical artists. The popcorn and coke had been ordered before they arrived, and after they entered the cinema, the staff brought them over. Shen Luo took a bucket of popcorn and waited for the movie to start. In fact, Shen Luo liked to watch movies with many people, but if the fans recognized it, they ran out of the cinema, so they booked it. The four of them were sitting in a row, with Shen Luo and Ning Xin sitting together, and Chu Sheng and Li Hang sitting next to them. Li Hang took the popcorn and handed it to Ning Xin. Ning Xin didn't speak and didn't pick up the popcorn from Li Hang. Li Hang simply touched Ning Xin with his elbow, and then continued to hand the popcorn to Ning Xin. Ning Xin looked at Li Hang and just wanted to speak, he saw the red envelope on the popcorn. Suddenly, Ning Xin's tight face showed a smile. Then he took out five hundred and twenty yuan from his pocket and gave it to Li Hang. After taking the popcorn and the red envelope, Ning Xin said, "Don't talk, watch the movie." The film began to broadcast, Chu Sheng sideways with Shen Luo, "the female number two in this film is really good." Shen Luo said, "I also think the female number two in this movie is very good." Nearly two hours of the film, the four of them were very satisfied, especially Ning Xin, when he came out of the cinema, he said, "I think I'm going to win the best actress, and Arlo is going to win the best supporting actress.". "With that, she paused and said," Arlo, I'll give you a supporting role in the next movie, and then you get the best actress, and I get the best supporting actress. " Chapter 108 I only like this movie. After it was released, the acting skills of Shen Luo and Ning Xin became a hot topic, especially the scenes of the two of them. Netizens all said that their acting skills exploded. Many people are shouting that they owe Shen Luo a movie ticket, so many people go to the movies, coupled with Shen Luo and Ning Xin's acting hot search, more people go to the movies, and even some performances can not be bought without advance booking. Zhou Zixing ate dumplings at Zhou's house and chatted with Chairman Zhou for a long time. After that, he took his coat and went out. Zhou Mo stood up and limped to the side of Zhou Zixing. "Go to see the movie played by Shen Luo?" Zhou Zixing gave a hum. After thinking about it, Zhou Mo took his coat, "I'll accompany you, how to say you also gave me Zhou's group, I accompany you to see a movie is not wronged." After a pause, he said earnestly, "If you want to see her, you call me brother, and I'll try to help you make an appointment with her." "No." After refusing Zhou Mo, Zhou Zixing went out directly. When Zhou Zixing wanted to get on the bus, he saw Zhou Mo limping behind him. He stopped and waited for Zhou Mo. He watched Zhou Mo get on the bus all the time, and then he got on the bus. As soon as he sat in the driver's seat,Pallet rack supplier, Zhou Zixing asked, "Why? Because I gave you Zhou's Group. Maybe I gave you Zhou's Group just for myself. You know, I always wanted to be in the entertainment industry." 。 omracking.com