My divergent mental force faintly sensed a faint chakra reaction in the distant buildings, but inadvertently clear, unable to determine the direction. I took a deep look at the young man with black hair, used the power of nature, and performed the beast technique. The black fur re-covered my body, and I took a few steps to the draught. Beasts have a far greater sense of smell than humans, and a faint, familiar smell comes with the wind. I remember that it comes from Uchiha Itachi's original target, Yaoshi Dou. Relics hunting Two figures move rapidly through the labyrinth of underground buildings, surrounded by old and dilapidated gray and black buildings. They used to be living trees, but now half of them have turned into hard stone. He had just jumped onto the roof of a building, his feet were empty, and the floor began to collapse. I stepped on a falling stone slab and jumped up suddenly. There was a roaring sound behind my ears. Pieces of petrified wood fell to the ground and smashed, stirring up the thick dust that had accumulated on the ground for thousands of years. Jumping to the roof of another building, I suddenly stopped, and Uchiha Itachi stopped beside me. The buildings in this area are particularly dilapidated and seem to be more fragile. If the earthquake in the land of earth had not brought them to light, the buildings here would have gradually collapsed until they were no longer there. Behind a dark path sunk in a half-collapsed building,heavy duty metal racking, a main road winds its way. In the distance is a huge petrochemical complex, which is much higher than the surrounding buildings. This is the depths of the ruins, or the center of the city. The smell of the medicine man's pocket came from there, and I felt that he was in the center of the opposite building complex. Previously, his biggest card was completely burned out by the fire of Itachi's Amaterasu, which I took the opportunity to attract. Why did he stay here and not go out? Or, he found something. I looked up at the black-haired young man. His face was cold and indifferent,metal racking systems, and there was no wave in his eyes. He stared at the opposite direction for a long time before he said, "Is he inside?" I nodded slightly. The two men jumped directly from the roof and swept into the building complex. In the middle of the tall building complex, a slightly low grey-white circular building stands in the middle. Decadent appearance, broken walls, but the architectural style makes me feel vaguely familiar, from the appearance seems to be an altar. Black-haired youth suddenly disappeared in the side, I paused, also quietly jumped up the high window, low body quietly dive in. The moment I entered, huge smoke and flames filled my sight, and I suddenly narrowed my eyes. When the smoke cleared, I was startled. In the broad and empty hall of the altar, medium duty racking ,industrial racking systems, the black-haired young man's crimson eyes flew around and confronted the medicine man far away, as if he were engaged in an illusion confrontation. Itachi's left eye. It's a monthly reading! The serpent behind the medicine man's pocket had been cut off at the waist, and the remaining half of his body was lifeless and soft on the ground, motionless. His face twisted in horror, as if he saw something terrible going on. Beside him, there was a spherical boundary with green fluorescence. In the center of the boundary, a dark brown wooden walking stick was quietly inserted on the stone platform in the middle. From the appearance, it was not so much a walking stick as a branch. Green vines and dense parasitism covered the gray-white ground along the edge of the boundary. This staff, I have seen in the game, it is the sacred object of the druid family-oak staff. It is not a player's equipment in the original game, so it has no attributes. It's just that as a relic in the story, it's been enshrined in the temple of the druid class, so I can recognize what it looks like. There is a strong natural force around the staff, but its power seems to be completely isolated by the boundary, so I did not sense its unique power before. Pharmacist Dou may have come here by chance and found something in the boundary. He wanted to take it away but couldn't open the boundary. His curiosity about the study of strange and unknown forces has kept him here and given us the chance to find him again. Suddenly, a circle of ripples appeared outside the boundary, like a stone falling on a calm lake, and it was the pharmacist's finger that touched the surface of the boundary. His face suddenly turned pale, and his hands gradually produced scorched black marks, which gradually spread to his wrists. In the blink of an eye, he suddenly woke up from the illusion, pulled back his arms, and his hands began to fly. Pharmacist Dou actually broke through Uchiha Itachi's Moon Reading with the help of the pain and impact caused by the power of the boundary. I, who was already standing by, pounced on him, and my sharp claws stretched out and went straight to the back of the neck of the medicine man's pocket. He seemed to have discovered my whereabouts, interrupted the knot, and jumped up in an instant to avoid my attack. The moment he jumped to the ground, his pupils suddenly dilated, and blood spattered on the back of his neck against his scalp. I stopped opposite him with scarlet blood between my fingers and paws. The medicine man covered the back of his neck and looked at me in amazement, as if shocked that he had not dodged my seemingly ordinary attack. Most of the druid skills from the game have changed since I came to this world, but a few of them have retained their original attributes, such as the melee attack skill "Prey" which can only be used in the beast state. Its attack power is not high, it is just a normal physical attack, but it has the mandatory attribute of ineffective evasion within the attack range. This also means that no matter how fast the opponent's speed is, as long as it is within the skill range, it will not be able to escape the attack of "predation". Itachi and I will save a lot of time as long as he doesn't have a chance to use the dirty earth to reincarnate. The black-haired youth suddenly appeared beside him, and a fire dragon burst out and swept all over the medicine man's body. Medicine man Dou jerked back, covering the bleeding wound on the back of his neck with one hand,warehouse storage racks, and cutting the fingertip of his other hand against the ground with a Chuck blade. A crack suddenly appeared on the ground, and the land that had already cracked into pieces began to sink. The bottom of the altar is hollow! Uchiha Itachi dodged the sinking ground and stopped beside me. The ground under the boundary position in the middle of the whole space of the building collapsed at the same time with the spread of subsidence, and the boundary attached to it disappeared in two moments.