A total of five cameras were used to shoot this scene at the same time. Three cameras for Han Yanghao and two cameras for Rong Xu. In two of the pictures, on the delicate and noble face of the young man, the phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and the thin lips slowly raised, revealing a smile that was unknown. He was smiling at Bai Mingde, and his elegant eyebrows curved, but his smile did not reach his eyes. Said to be laughing, cold and powerful gas field directly pressed the past, so that Liang Linghui trembled all over, Bai Mingde is suddenly frightened. As if at this moment, he could directly pull out the pistol from his waist and open a hole in Bai Mingde's skull! "Card!" Director Zheng stood up with a headache and shouted, "Just now Rong Xu passed, Han Yanghao, the camera is for you, from the scene of looking at each other again!" Han Yanghao turned around stiffly: "Good." When Han Yanghao turned to look at Rong Xu again, he found that he was talking to Zhang Tongtong with a smile. At this moment, the boy's body did not just have that kind of terrible bloodthirsty breath, obviously he just saw a corpse from those eyes, but now, the boy actually returned to normal. Can it be said that.. Is his acting so good? Can bring him into the play?! Nope! This is absolutely impossible! Han Yanghao calmed down, prepared for a few seconds, and continued filming. But this time,Magnesium Oxide powder, just after five seconds, Director Zheng shouted again: "Card!"! Han Yanghao, you are too nervous, you are an excellent spy, although you are very nervous now, what happened is beyond your expectation, but you should be more calm. If you can't calm down now, how can you gain Huo Xi's trust in the future? Do it again! Han Yanghao laughed twice: "Good." No one expected that this time the NG,Magnesium Oxide MgO, NG to the seventh time, Han Yanghao's lens was officially over. In this scene, Huo Xi did not say a word to Bai Mingde at all, only Liang Linghui introduced him awkwardly, indicating that Bai Mingde was his student's uncle and also served as a second-rank officer in Huo's army. To this, Huo Xi did not have a bit of interest, just lightly "oh", but the radian of his lips and the casual glance of his eyes made Han Yanghao suddenly stiffen his body-by the way, here again twice. When the scene was finished, the crew began to eat dinner. Han Yanghao's assistant took the box lunch prepared in private and handed it to Han Yanghao, but Han Yanghao patted the chopsticks directly on the table and turned around and went to the bathroom. The assistant was stunned at first, and then hurried up. When Zhang Tongtong saw this scene from a distance, he was a little surprised, but he heard Yi Lan say: "Han Yanghao has a very strange temper. He is particularly arrogant. He must have lost face after shooting nine times just now." Zhang Tongtong was speechless and said, "Isn't it normal for an actor to NG? I also NG five times yesterday." Yi Lan raised her hand and said, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, "I did it ten times the next day. Haha, that play was so difficult to shoot. I was stared at by Director Zheng several times." The two women looked at each other with a smile and suddenly turned to look at Rong Xu not far away. Yi Lan raised her voice: "Rong Xu, don't you seem to have never been here?" Rong Xu was stupefied and said with a smile, "Didn't I die once this morning?" Zhang Tongtong and Yi Lan immediately recalled, and then two people one after another: "..." NG? Why NG? Because in that play, Huo Xi in the interrogation of an underground party who would rather die than surrender, in order to show his violence and impermanence, he is in a good trial, the other side has almost reached the psychological critical point, ready to say the spy, suddenly! He drew his own gun and shot him dead. The man stared at Huo Xi in disbelief. But Huo Xi looked down at him lightly and gave him a dead understanding: "Now, I don't want to listen to you." Huo Shaoshuai has always been moody and decisive. And it was in such a scene that Rong Xu suddenly sneezed when the audience was so nervous that he was about to say that frightening line. The crowd froze. The young marshal, who had just been cool and overbearing, turned red on the tip of his nose. He looked at a member of the props group not far away and said, "I'm a little allergic to tulips. I didn't expect to meet here. I didn't take allergy medicine today. Do you think you can put it a little farther?" This time, even Director Zheng, who has always been serious, burst out laughing. It's called NG? If you call this NG, what are their names? What's Han Yanghao's name?! "Ambush," the shooting crew by leaps and bounds, in addition to Han Yanghao from time to time to shake the face of NG, the others are getting along very well. Days passed day by day, filming was too busy, when Rong Xu had time to visit Weibo again, he found that his fans had reached 500,000! And tonight, the cast of "Deer" is about to release its first film. In the VIP ward on the top floor of a hospital in distant B city, a fashionably dressed boy sat on the bed drinking water while bowing his head and playing with his mobile phone. When he saw a message, he was so angry that he threw his mobile phone to the ground, and the new mobile phone he had just bought fell apart, scaring the broker next to him. The broker frowned and asked, "Zhong Yi, what's wrong with you?"? Control your temper, buy your own things, and don't ask me to help you find a way. Hearing this, Zhong Yi immediately stared at his big clear eyes and said angrily, "What is this?"? What is this? Wang Ge, tell me, Rong Xu went to play "Deer", he found resources for me, and finally he went to play by himself? Have you ever seen a money man steal his own little actor's play? Fortunately, I have nothing with him, if I really have nothing with him, I will be sick to death! That idiot, that mindless idiot, he stole my show? He's going to be shameless! The author has something to say: Did you forget Zhong Yi ~ Hei Hei Hei ~ There is not even a small theater today, and there is no chance for someone to appear. Someone:.. By the way, it's too late to update today. I want to try to update at ten o'clock on time tomorrow. Ask everybody to supervise, be about to enter V,Magnesium Sulphate producer, must must work hard ~ then now foolish author is in climb list, also climb very painstakingly, roll to want Hua ~ come to a Hua to roll a circle 233333333. stargrace-magnesite.com