Rose touched the light curtain and said, "I don't think it's permanent.". This thing is invincible. It may have a time limit. "Won't I be able to get out until the time is over?" "Then let's attack the city first," said Feng Yin. "Why don't you wait here carefully?" "It can only be like this first.". Hurry up and don't delay the fighter plane for me. "Then let's go first." What bad luck. The war is in full swing, and here I am in jail! I turned to the summoning creatures and said, "Let's split up and see if there's anywhere we can get out." As soon as I said this, the cavalry began to knock here and there to find the exit. But it's no use knocking for a long time. All the Chinese people around me have gone far away, and I want to talk to Hongyue about something. Turns out this thing even shut down the chat channel. Unless someone stands outside the light curtain and speaks to me directly, I can't contact anyone! Really depressed, there is such a closed trap! After we searched for a long time, even the Dragon Cavalry and the Bell Knight were angry. They smashed the light curtain several times, but the thing still did not respond at all. He suddenly said, "Yes, Fenglong, how about letting him use hyperspace to open a passage through this light curtain?" "Yes!"! How did you forget the phoenix dragon? I hastened to summon Fenglong and told him about the situation. As a result, Fenglong tried many times. He could only open the space channel in this closed space and could not get out at all! As for the space door of Mother Earth, it is even worse. That thing is to follow me to move,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, if I also go in, it can only be where to close where to open, can not move out. After being locked up for almost an hour, the dragons began to lose their patience. Lucky to the light curtain to several Longyan spray, but still ineffective, this thing and my absolute barrier is completely invincible state! Just as I was about to give up, Pepper suddenly said to me with spiritual contact: "Master,Vegetable oil filling machine, the energy of those gems seems to have been declining." I looked at the pepper in surprise, then looked at the gems. Can you speak? Pepper never talked before, but today is really a blockbuster. Mmm. Ling listened to pepper's words and said, "This light curtain can't be maintained for no reason. Those gems must be the energy source of the light curtain." Xiao Chun also said, "So as long as we keep attacking the light curtain, the energy will be consumed rapidly. As long as its energy is exhausted, we can go out." "Then wait so long!" Xiaolongnv could not hold her breath and immediately began to attack. The feeling of confinement is really bad, especially at such a tense moment, when people are fighting and I have nothing to do, this feeling is even worse! Now that we knew how to do it, we all began to attack the light curtain in various ways, Beverage packing machine ,bottle blowing machine, and Pepper told us that she felt the energy of the gem dropping rapidly. No, it's too slow. I stopped everyone and opened the space door. This is the last chance for today. You all go in, let the tank come to a magic crystal shelling, I think it should be able to consume a lot of energy. Everyone entered the space door, and then let the tank stand at the door and use the magic crystal to shell. As soon as the shell was fired, the tank ducked through the door and stepped aside. Immediately after the magic crystal shell hit the light curtain, there was a big explosion, and after the earth-shaking sound, there were violent flames spraying everywhere. I was still hanging out by the door to see what was going on, but I quickly pulled my head back to hide by the door, and a flame gushed out of the door and blackened the grass in the garden of Mother Earth. The tank's magic crystal shelling power is like a small atomic bomb, which is exaggerated, but now it is in a closed space, and the power of the explosion is even greater. The light flickered as if it would crack at any moment, but in the end it did not disappear. When everything calmed down, we went back outside, everything was blackened, the earth on the ground was gone, the place we were in became a star-shaped pit, and the enclosed space became empty. I quickly let the pepper feel, and the result was very good. The energy of the gem is only one fifth of its original energy. "Big guy!"! Keep smashing and you'll be out soon! This time everyone has the energy, what powerful tricks all come out, smashing the light curtain constantly flashing, and those gems are getting darker and darker, it seems that the energy is running out. As the gem darkens little by little, our hopes increase little by little. But when the gem was about to be completely extinguished, a group of people appeared outside. Oh my God! How come it's this color so soon? An Indonesian man outside gave a cry of surprise, because the translation system was on all the time, so I could understand him. Another Indonesian said, "Fortunately, I found it in time. Hurry up and drop the gem pillar without energy. Don't let him run out." I am dizzy, this magic seal array can also replace the energy gem. Familiars do not need to translate, NPC itself has the ability to communicate in all languages, of course, they understand each other's meaning. Lucky was almost the first to react. He hit the light curtain crazily, and the people outside had to plug their ears with a huge roar. But after the lucky roar, the Indonesian immediately laughed and said, "Ha ha ha ha!"! Just call me. You can't get out anyway. This time I change a new gem to lock you up for the rest of your life. Ha ha ha ha! Ka..! The guy laughed and suddenly covered his elbow and struggled painfully,Edible oil filling machine, and then the man let his feet float off the ground, but it seemed that he was lifted up by some force. Feiku makes more wonderful books in Feiku Computer access: Mobile access: Feiku Forum: Chapter seventy-one of the eighth volume. Mobile E-book · Feiku Net Update Time: May 28, 2007 17:20:00 Number of Words in this Chapter: 7714 The seventy-first chapter of the eighth volume advances triumphantly.