Report the four-fold grace, and help the three-way suffering. If you have seen and heard, you will know Bodhicitta. Do your best to repay yourself and live together in the Kingdom of Bliss. As soon as the Sanskrit singing stopped, I saw petals flying in the air, golden lotus surging on the ground, a golden light filling the world, a sarira flying into the air, and bursts of sandalwood refreshing. In one fell swoop, the two of them made 48 great wishes to create the Western Paradise. They wanted to save all sentient beings, and the way of heaven responded. Finally, they became saints and achieved the supreme fruit. They also called themselves Amitabha Buddha. Zhunti also showed himself as Sarira, became the Buddha, and became the Golden Immortal of Hun yuan Da Luo. Buddhism, also known as Buddhism, has twelve grades of innate golden lotus to suppress Qi Yun. From then on, Buddhism and Taoism were separated. Under the door of Hongjun, Buddhism finally appeared in front of the world. Jieyin, Zhunli, and Gao sang Buddhist sutras for three months, and the sound of Sanskrit resounded through the flood and famine, attracting many believers and Buddhists to join in. Just now I was discussing the matter of Lao Tzu and the sage, but I didn't expect that in half a day, the flood and famine really reached the age of the sage. Although the new sages were said to have learned from Hongjun, they all attained the Tao through merit and virtue. None of them, like Hongjun, had their bodies cut off to prove the Tao. Each of them became a saint through merit and virtue. Naturally,Silver Travertine Slabs, they could not have the achievements of Hongjun in the future. But in this way, they all retain a lot of obsessions, otherwise there will be no so-called orthodoxy dispute. At present, all the saints are returning to their positions, but they are all busy realizing the law of heaven after becoming saints. Under the shock of the saints, all of them are working hard to practice, hoping to get the last holy position one day. So for the next few hundred years, the land of flood and famine was peaceful and calm. Neither of the two Lichs wanted to act at this time, lest they be calculated by the sage. [Text 56. All Saints Receive Disciples to Preach] Among the sages,Carrara Marble Slab, after Sanqing became a saint, he moved the Taoist temple to the middle of the chaos, and each opened up one. The name of the Taoist temple where Laozi lived was: Taiqingjing Taichitian, Yuqingjing Qingweitian in yuanshi, and Shangqingjing Yuyutian in Tongtian. The two religions of the West, on the other hand, use force to transform one world in the West, not in the three realms and five elements, and call it the Elysium. After several sages established their religion, they had to accept disciples in the flood and famine to prepare for the coming catastrophe. Laozi, Primitive and Tongtian are called Taiqing, Yuqing and Shangqing respectively to show the integration of Sanqing because Sanqing is transformed by Pangu's original gods. However, although the three people are transformed by Pangu's original gods, their understanding of the Tao of Heaven is different, and their fundamental opposition to the religion is also inconsistent. Laozi's human religion advocates quietness and inaction, and everything is natural; The interpretation doctrine of yuanshi advocates that the cultivation of the Tao of Heaven should be based on aptitude, and if it is not a gifted and intelligent person or a spiritual thing of heaven and earth, it is not the teaching of Zoroastrianism; the interpretation doctrine of Tongtian advocates that there is no discrimination in teaching, Calacatta Nano Glass ,White Marble Mosaic, and all living beings in the world can practice the Tao of Heaven, practice themselves to see the nature and mind, and intercept a glimmer of vitality of the Tao of heaven. Now that the Sanqing religion has been established, it is necessary to collect disciples and pass down the orthodoxy, so as to promote the rapid development of the three religions and absorb the luck between heaven and earth. Because of the different doctrines of Sanqing, Zhenjie led to different disciples, and there were serious differences in Sanqing. Lao Tzu advocated governing by doing nothing. As long as the human race did not perish, Lao Tzu would not take care of it. Everything was developed by the human race itself. As for the matter of accepting disciples, Lao Tzu believed that his disciples must be people with great wisdom and perseverance, and they must have fate. And Lao Tzu's character is inaction, and the expression of the people who come to worship the teacher is very light, the interest is not high, always say that everything is natural, there will be a suitable one in the future, but no one knows what Lao Tzu's so-called suitable is, so there are fewer and fewer people to worship the teacher, finally, only one person worships the teacher, kneeling three times and nine times at the foot of the mountain for three years, Lao Tzu sees that he has great perseverance and extraordinary aptitude. The most important thing is that as the leader of the human race, he has a personal disciple, which is beneficial to the development of the human race in the future. Later, he was named Xuandu and became a close disciple of Lao Tzu. yuan Shi was also very particular about the acceptance of disciples after the establishment of the interpretation religion. The disciples to be accepted must not only be the innate people chosen by the superior or the innate things transformed into human form, but also have the Tao mind, Tao body, intelligent and intelligent people. yuan Shi believed that only such people were qualified to inherit the interpretation religion. Although the requirements set by yuan Shi are very high, there are still a lot of people who come to worship the teacher, which makes yuan Shi a little difficult, but it doesn't matter, the sage is powerful, there are tricks, yuan Shi sees a large number of people, which is convenient for a large magic array at the foot of Kunlun Mountain. If you can't jump out of the five elements and understand the secret of the big array, you will be trapped by the big array. Those who come to explain and teach to worship the master need to enter this big array to test the aptitude and disposition of the master, and then consider whether to accept him as an apprentice after the beginning of the array. All of a sudden, monks from all over the world swarmed in, and they all entered the array to test their minds and natures. They jumped out of the array and worshipped the disciples of the original sage. They became immortals. From then on, they jumped out of the five elements and lived freely between heaven and earth. However, the magic array set up by the sage was so powerful that most of those who entered the array to test their minds were trapped in the array without knowing it. Only 13 monks, relying on their great perseverance and wisdom, climbed mountains and crossed rivers all the way. With their extraordinary talent and tenacious minds, they jumped out of the array and came to the seat of the sage. yuan Shi saw that these thirteen people were all congenital people or congenital things. He was satisfied and included twelve of them in the mountain gate. Among these twelve people, nine were congenital people, including Guangchengzi, Juliusun, Manjusri, Samantabhadra, Cihang Daoren, Daoxing, Lingbao, Qingxu and Taiyi; The Jade Tripod, the Red Sperm, and the Yellow Dragon are three monks who have attained the Tao and become human beings. The Jade Tripod is a piece of congenital jade essence, the Yellow Dragon is a congenital dragon clan, and the Red Sperm is a congenital fire essence. These three people are born from nature and conform to the Tao of Heaven. After the opening of heaven and earth, they absorb the spirit of heaven and earth,Pietra Gray Marble, collect the brilliance of the sun and the moon, and become human beings. These twelve disciples were all born in the body of Taoism, with a tough mind. They were accepted as disciples by yuan Shi and were called the Twelve Golden Immortals.