You not only belittle me, but also belittle your own ability. You can get the disciple spectrum, no matter where it is, as long as it admits that you are the head of the Gan family, you think of the disciple spectrum in your heart, it will appear naturally. Su Zhan tea voice more and more soft, seems to be slowly guiding the evening frost, "you do not fight, do not think you can refuse my words, you think of the disciple spectrum, think of its appearance.". Yes, spread your hand like this, and it will come soon. Xishuang found that all that echoed in her mind was the voice of Su Zhan Cha. She was determined to drive the voice out. She found that she could not do it. Instead, she was obeying each other's orders with her hands and feet. She raised her hands and palms up slowly. Although she did not open her mouth, the three words of the disciple's spectrum were ready to come out. This situation is very bad, absolutely can not let the disciples of the Gan family spectrum in front of Su Zhan tea exposed. Although Xishuang did not know what Suzhan Tea was going to do, once the disciple's spectrum fell into the hands of Suzhan Tea, it might be a disaster for the Gan family. She bit the tip of her tongue hard. The smell of blood and the sharp pain made her wake up in an instant, and Xishuang clenched her hands into fists and glared at Suzhan Tea. Su Zhan tea did not expect, Xishuang clearly has been bewitched and guided by their own, in the most critical time, but also to get away. The evening frost can be terrible, but originally is not a climate of small mirror division, in a short period of time, all aspects are beginning to become excellent, can it be said that because Korea hence from the side to assist, there is such a result. Disciple spectrum did not appear after all, and Suzhan Tea fell short of success. Everything is in a flash of lightning, when Han Sui reacts,ultrasonic dispersion machine, Xi Shuang has hidden behind him, do not want to see Su Zhan tea one more time, also do not want to hear her voice. Han Sui's tone was mild, but now Su Zhan tea directly bullied Xi Shuang. He didn't want to compromise on this: "This deal can't be negotiated. The problem is not here, but you should consider yourself. What attitude can move others? It's not by force, nor by deception." Han Sui waved to Xi Shuang and Gan Wuyue: "OK, let's leave on our own, don't worry about her." Gan Wuyue was happy like a bird, chirping behind Han Sui, but Xishuang walked slowly, turned his head and took a look at Su Zhan tea with deep meaning. Rao is Su Zhan tea and Han Sui through friendship can say all kinds of words, to this point, can only be silent. Xishuang turned his head and saw Su Zhan Cha with a pale face, as if after being rejected by them, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, he had fallen to the point of losing. What was such a powerful Su Zhan Cha afraid of? Is it Su Kite? If she was afraid of the kite, she would not have chosen to go with him. What contradiction can there be between two people, but at most is the uneven distribution of spoils, you more I less, will not let the well-informed Su Zhan tea reveal almost desperate expression, Xishuang walked out of a section of the road, only to remind Han Sui in a low voice: "I feel not quite right, Su Zhan tea is not quite right." If you must let Han Sui say a kind of feeling, he is not so strange to the Su Zhan tea in front of him. Accustomed to the days of stars around the moon, the memory in the middle is said to be all lost, so Su Zhan tea in dealing with people, always stay in five hundred years ago. At that time, she was in the limelight. Of course, she didn't have to be small and low, otherwise it wouldn't be like her style. So Han Sui shook his head at Xishuang and said, "There's nothing wrong with her. She's used to giving orders. She thinks everyone will listen to her and everyone will strive to do something for her. Unfortunately, there is no such person anymore." "You didn't ask her why she wanted to avoid the kite. They were so good that they turned against each other." Xi Shuang looked at the direction of Han Sui, still going to Jingchuan. Su Kite's ability is absolutely not small, the man's foot journey is obviously faster, why walked for so long, he has not reached the vicinity of Jingchuan? From the words of Su Zhan Cha, it seems that something is intercepting them to approach Jingchuan, who obviously has the most clues in his hands, but is not as good as those of them who are ignorant and walk around by feeling. Xi Shuang roughly analyzed: "Su Zhan Tea needs us to take him away, and Su Kite should not have found a suitable candidate.". ” Han Sui's eyes stopped for a moment on Gan Wuyue. After walking for so long, he only picked up this and Su Kite's bad luck. Maybe he didn't even see a decent one. He could hear it from the tone of Su Zhan's tea selection just now. Even if he met An May, it was also useless. She's coming up. Gan Wuyue kept looking behind her, "Su Zhan tea is coming up." Korea hence a look back, is not Su Zhan tea step by step, always keep an equal distance in the middle, can be written on the posture that you can't get rid of me. No matter whether the deal just now was successful or not, Su Zhan Cha Lai decided that they would not leave. Does she follow us like this, take her or not? If you want to get rid of it, you have to do it with senior Han. Gan Wuyue touched her neck with a lingering fear. Where can we get her? You can't beat her, you can't scold her, and you can't kill her. The road to Jingchuan, not to mention a few of us, so many beasts from the mortal world transmission point to here, also rushed past without thinking. Why can't we let Suzhan tea pass? It doesn't make sense. So let her be. Xishuang to just almost summoned the disciple spectrum, but also some entanglement, even if can not use the spiritual power of Su Zhan tea, just now in the end is how to control her ability to act? "How could I just listen to her alone? We can't use spiritual power, and she certainly can't, otherwise what partners do we need?" Xishuang pointed to her head with her finger. "All that came out just now was the sound of Su Zhan tea. She couldn't get rid of it. How did she do it?" "Maybe she only has a little spiritual power. It's no problem to do such a thing. If she fights and kills, she can't afford it." Gan Wuyue's brain power is good, can always think of some different details from others first, "just now she said,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Xishuang girl can get the disciple spectrum, is it true?" As soon as Xi Shuang saw Gan Wuyue's reaction, he knew that there was something hidden inside: "What's wrong with the disciple's spectrum?" 。