Abbess Yuqing smiled and said, "The third explanation is that the woman in black did not go quietly, nor did she enter the secret room of the tunnel. After she heard the sound of Younger Martial Brother entering the village, she might hide in the dark and stare coldly. One was bright and the other was dark. One was unintentional and the other was intentional. In addition, she is very skilled. You may not be able to find it." "Yes, yes," said Ma Erping, "this explanation seems to be the most likely." Abbess Yuqing shook her head and said: "No, this seems to be the most likely explanation, but it should be rejected, because the woman in black has a special identity. She is looking for you everywhere in Heshuo, and even forces you to change to the identity of the'Lone Star Junke ', so that the'Thin Horse Scholar' Ma Er is a'Chilling Fairy 'who is temporarily hidden in the world. If she finds out that it is you, she will rush out and hide in the dark." Without waiting for Abbess Yuqing to finish, Ma Erping cut off her conversation and said, "She may not recognize me. At that time, I had changed my appearance with a leather mask and became what I am now." With a slight smile, Abbess Yuqing shook her head at Ma Erping and objected, "Younger Martial Brother Ma, I remember when I asked you if Miss Qin Panpan was a'Cold Heart Fairy ', you flatly rejected it and said,' The face is changeable, but the charm is hard to change '!"! These eight words apply to her, but why not to you? The word "love" is deeply touching,Steel investment casting, and the golden wind of jade dew is engraved in my heart! Slow to say that you become a'lone star ', is to become a hook'cold moon', a'frost ', but that'thin horse scholar' charm, but it is difficult to completely shake off, in the eyes of lovers, a look will know whether you are a donkey or a horse! Ma Er listened to this and realized the implication of Abbess Yuqing's words. He nodded and said, "People in the game are really not wise enough. They are not as wise as people outside the game."! The sister-in-law explained this. Does she think that although the "cold heart fairy" has entered Jianghu, she does not necessarily fall into the evil way and commit all kinds of crimes,alloy die casting, so that I don't have to rack my brains to ask for information from the "Jade Lady" or the "Moja Witch"? Abbess Yuqing said with a smile, "As the saying goes, 'If you have a Buddha in front of you, why should you go to the West?'" Since Miss Qin Panpan told you the story of the'Horse Meat Star Heart ', it is enough to prove that she and the'Cold Heart Fairy' must be a close friend of the handkerchief. Why should the Younger Martial Brother get close to those filthy sluts and sluts again, causing chivalrous reputation? Ma Erping folded his fists and said, "Sister has taught me the right lesson. Will you help me go back to Jinding Gorge?" Abbess Yuqing said, "I am the body of an idle cloud and a wild crane, and I don't have any fetters. As long as Younger Martial Brother is interested, I will go to the Jinding Gorge in Shangshan to find out the mystery of the difference in character and charm between the two Qin Panpan girls, and then find out where the'Cold Heart Fairy 'is now." Ma Erping frowned and said, "Of course I want to go to Jinding Gorge, but now that I've made an appointment with Jin Lengyue for the Lantern Festival next year, isn't it a bit against the tradition of Jianghu?" Abbess Yuqing said thoughtfully, "I have a plan." Ma Erping was overjoyed and said, "Sister, please teach me more." Abbess Yuqing fixed her eyes full of compassion and wisdom on Ma Erping's face and asked, metal stamping parts ,Stainless steel foundry, Younger Martial Brother, before I say this idea, I want to ask you a question first, and you must answer it truthfully. ” Ma Erping answered with his hand, "How dare I say something that is not true before the Elder Martial Sister's arrival?" Abbess Yuqing asked in a deep voice, "Younger Martial Brother Ma, do you love the'Cold Heart Fairy 'who bit a piece of flesh and blood on your shoulder?" Ma Erping didn't expect Abbess Yuqing to ask such a question. She was stunned for a moment and replied, "I..". I I'm not a karma. .. Have cut off their love for her. ..” Abbess Yuqing said with a smile, "I understand that when people are in Jianghu, they can't help themselves. Younger Martial Brother Ma didn't succeed in his unique skills at that time. He tried to make progress and was afraid of delaying his youth, so he came to the act of digging flesh to reward his love. But I guess you have all the unique knowledge of the three schools of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism of the" Tianchi Dun Ke "Shibo. After he became famous in Jianghu with a thin horse in a green shirt, Will quietly return to the nameless mountain, nameless valley, nameless stream in front of the land temple, to see if the former lover of childhood is still waiting, looking at the dusk. Ma Erping nodded and said, "You're right, Sister. I've been back." Abbess Yuqing said with a smile, "Jade dew and golden wind. The mountains and rivers are still the same. In the shadow of the setting sun, I can't see the Iraqi people."! You can imagine how melancholy Younger Martial Brother felt at that time. You thought she had fallen into someone else's arms, but you never thought that the girl had also entered Jianghu because she was too infatuated with you. Fortunately, she met an enlightened master, practiced her unique skills, and became a "cold heart fairy" '! " Ma Erping looked depressed and said, "No matter how good I am at reasoning, I can't infer that there will be such a development." Abbess Yuqing said with a straight face in a deep voice, "So what I'm asking is now. At the beginning, you were crazy about her, but later you reluctantly'didn't love her 'because of'love.' Now, you know that she has also entered Jianghu and become a'cold heart fairy. 'Do you still love her?" Ma Erping knew that there was no need for affectation in front of this reasonable sister, so he replied, "Sister, if I have no love for her, why should I be willing to clear my name and deal with the'Moja Witch 'and the'Jade Lady'?" Abbess Yuqing had a flash of light in her eyes. She said, "Amitabha." She raised her eyebrows and said, "Well, in that case, Younger Martial Brother Ma, please return the original." Ma Erping was puzzled and asked, "What do you mean, sister?"? Yes Tell me to give up. 'Lone Star Junke 'Feng Duoxin's face, restore the identity of'Thin Horse Scholar' Ma Erping? Abbess Yuqing nodded and said, "Yes, for one thing, the appointment for the Lantern Festival next year was made by Feng Duoxin and Jin Lengyue. If you force your way into Jinding Gorge as Ma Erping, it's not against the rules of Wulin!"! ..” Ma Erping said with a smile, "That's a good idea, sister. Otherwise, if I break the contract as Feng Duoxin, I will be laughed at by Jin Lengyue." "Second," said Abbess Yuqing, "Younger Martial Brother will take off his mask of human skin and do some earth-shaking things. The news that Ma Erping, the'thin horse scholar ',deep draw stamping, will come out of Jianghu again is bound to spread all over the world. At that time, you don't have to bother to find the'Cold Heart Fairy'. She will come to you when she hears it." While listening to Abbess Yuqing, Ma Erping reached out his hand to remove the mask of human skin on his face.