"No." Tang Feiyu said with a sneer, "This girl is an unusual person. As far as I know, she-hum, do you know where she is now?"? I'd like to see it. Childe Jin pretended to be puzzled and said, "Hey, hasn't she been singing on the eight-tone boat in Little Yangzhou?" "Hey, my surname is Chang." Suddenly Tang Feiyu took a step forward, and suddenly his right hand reached out and clapped straight down on Childe Jin's shoulder. Childe brocade was startled and instinctively shrank back. Tang Feiyu's palm fell through. He couldn't help being stunned, but at this moment, he listened to the noise of the people on the big boat. Someone shouted: "Fire!"! Take the spy. That is to say, there was a large fire on the big boat on which Tang Feiyu was riding. As the fire rose in the smoke, a figure suddenly rose straight out of the air, as light as a swallow, and fell straight to another boat. Childe brocade eyes sharp, only to see the person green scarf tied head, graceful figure, because of the usual intersection very twist, know each other the deepest, although only a glimpse, also recognized her. It's true that Cao Cao will come. If it's not the swallow girl, which one is it? If it weren't for this girl, it would be very difficult for anyone else to have such a posture. Watching her body rising in the air, falling together, as the skillful hand waved lightly and tiredly, she hit a hidden weapon of gunpowder and fell straight to the ship of the other side's naval camp. For a moment, the flames burst out and the voices of the people were confused. Tang Feiyu burst out: "Good girl." At the foot of the force point, he jumped up and followed the figure of the other side who suddenly appeared. Chasing one after another, it was already a hundred feet away in an instant. Everyone on the boat was dazzled,cosmetic tube packaging, but Childe Jin knew it in his heart. He turned to the little military officer who had looked straight at him and said, "Chief- -Do me a favor and let me go. Small military officer "hey" 1, impatiently waved: "It's all your fault, go quickly … … Walk away Waving a small flag in his hand, he ordered the front to pull open the floating fence. Childe Jin had a near miss, so he came out in the chaos. Old Zhou Xiaojiang did not wait to be greeted, pulled up the sails and sped forward. Go forward dozens of feet, just don't hear the voice behind you. Childe brocade knew very well that it was not the timely appearance of the swallow girl that lured Tang Feiyu away from the enemy, and it was really not easy for him to get away for a while. It seemed that the girl had never left her side, and when necessary,metal cosmetic tubes, she appeared as bait to distract the enemy, neither too early nor too late, just right, really dangerous. "It was so close," said Xiaojiang in surprise. "That girl is so capable. If she hadn't suddenly appeared, we wouldn't have been able to leave." Childe Jin said, "The man named Tang just now is the most powerful of the thirteen eagle guards in the imperial court today. Although he was wounded, he is still very good. Fortunately, Miss Du appeared in time. Otherwise, if we start fighting, we won't be afraid of him, but we will ruin the event." Xiaojiang was stunned and said, "Is that girl from our temple, too?" Childe Jin nodded and said with a smile, "She is the swallow girl we just talked about. Her flying skills are very good. Tang may not be able to catch up with her." Small river "Ah" say: "So she is swallow girl, hey! No one knows her name here. We only know that she sings well and is famous, but we don't know that she has such good kung fu. Childe Jin said, "This girl is a great chivalrous woman, and singing is just a cover for her." But after this, empty lotion tubes ,aluminium laminated tube, she will never sing again, don't you hear? The man named Tang was asking about her just now. It seems that they have noticed her. "What can I do?" Old Chou replied? It would be dangerous for the swallow girl to fall into their hands. Childe Jin said with a smile, "She is very capable. You can rest assured." The voice of Fang Dun, that is to see a fast boat from behind to beat the waves, the speed is fast, the moment has come to the present. Three people first thought that the officers and soldiers were chasing, and then looked carefully, only to know that it was not. It was a fast fishing boat with a flat head and high sails, which is popular nowadays. What is a fast fishing boat? Originally, the local water surface was rich in a very fast pike because of the rapid flow of the river. In order to catch this fish, the fishermen nearby specially set up this kind of fast boat. The fishing method was renovated, not with "net" but with "fishing", and the fishing method was not with traditional bait, waiting for the fish to be hooked, but with a fast swing rod. There were several hooks on the fishing line, and there was no bait. It all depends on the fisherman's neat skill, quick eyes and quick hands. When a school of pike appears and disappears, it is mostly within an hour before and after dawn and sunrise. If you miss this time, you will never appear again. In order to catch this fish, the first important thing for the angler is to grasp the time. In the past, this kind of fast boat is mostly skilled in this way of more than ten old hands, one rod in hand, scattered along the boat, the middle is also skilled in this way of "fast hand" many people, specializing in catching fish and catching fish, the so-called "cut and chop", the angler quickly throws after the rod, the receiver has a quick eye and a quick hand, "cut and chop" must also be just right, the two cooperate seamlessly, the river boat is fast, closely following the fish, tiptoeing. At this moment, the sky is red and the water is clear, with silver scales and ripples, which is a spectacle. But in front of the fast boat "angler" is only one person, "cut" one person, the boat son one person, the whole boat a total of three people. Standing at the bow of the boat, the angler was tall and thin, wearing an open coat of brown coarse cloth with a collar, a leather apron, and a pair of big sleeves rolled up high. It was wonderful that he held the rod in both hands and hurried all the way, chasing the pike school in front of him. Childe brocade originally thought that the Qing army fast boat chasing, the heart is still a little nervous, as soon as to see is only fishing fast boat, just feel at ease. In the past, he had seen this kind of fishing in Taihu Lake several times. The fisherman had a rod in his hand, and when the fish came, the long rod flew and rolled, and the silver scales jumped into the air. Such a scene was indeed a rare spectacle in his life. However, it is like a fishing boat in front of us and behind us, with the angler holding the rod in both hands and chasing the fish alone. The scene is still fresh and unprecedented, and it has aroused great interest for a while. The sun rises in the east, shining brilliantly, rendering the surface of the water colorful. Suddenly, "here comes the fish!" That is to say, when I saw the upstream torrent behind me, something green and black suddenly emerged. When I saw it, it was no more than ten feet around. When I looked again,pump tube, I found that it had extended to the whole surface of the water. At the red sun, the brocade scales and clouds were strange, and the waves were magnificent. It was so dazzling that people were in a mess. Only then did I realize that it was really a school of fish coming. emptycosmetictubes.com