"You, you are Joe, Joe's brother.". No, General Manager Qiao, it's your brother. I didn't expect it. I didn't expect it. Li Yang turned into a topsy-turvy stammer. He took a cup to drink water, and his hands trembled as if Mrs. Li had just come to his house that day. There was a cold sweat on his forehead, and it was difficult to wipe it this time. Qiao Xi smiled and said, "I didn't expect that your cousin was Xiao Mo's colleague. It's really fate." "Fate, fate." Li Yang nodded twice, and under the table, his hands crumpled the cheap suit pants. Let's order first. Qiao Xi took the menu on the table and handed one to Li Yang, "Mr. Li, see what you want to eat." In the face of the menu handed over by Qiao Xi, Li Yang was a little confused and did not pick it up: "It's all right. I can eat anything. If Miss Qiao wants to lose weight, she can't eat it." Feng Xuan didn't swallow a mouthful of water and almost spurted it out. "Brother, what are you talking about? Miss Qiao is so thin. How can she need to lose weight?" He took the menu for Li Yang and winked at him. Qiao Xi is surprised: "I am losing weight really recently, Mr Li is really fierce, saw at a glance." Li Yang wiped his forehead with the back of his hand and said with a dry smile, "Yes, I am really awesome." “……” Feng Xuan gave his brother a white look and was choked by Li Yang's ability to chat. He wished he could die on the spot. Both sides finish ordering and wait for the dishes to come. Qiao Mo inspects blind date for his elder sister: "What job does Mr Li do?" Li Yang: "Waste.." Waste.. Feng Xuan pressed Li Yang's thigh before the words "waste purchase and reselling" jumped out,plastic pallet manufacturer, and then said, "My brother is an agent." Qiao Mo: "Wechat business?" "No.". Intermediate agent for the trade of industrial products at home and abroad. The commercialization of the import and export of waste products was so advanced that Feng Xuan was moved by his eloquence for a moment. I didn't hear you before. What are the projects? We have the opportunity to work together. Aren't we a media company? Still working on this? "The company can't develop other businesses?" "Of course not, it's just." Feng Xuan yuan can't come out. Afraid that he would ask deeply, he hurriedly said, "This is left to Miss Qiao and my brother to talk about." Two giggles in an attempt to muddle through. Qiao Mo nodded: "Yes, too.". I ask you to answer, others do not know, still think blind date is me and you. Feng Xuan shivered for a while,plastic bulk containers, and his heart said, "I don't deserve it.". The dishes are coming up. The waiter brought a pot of sparerib soup. Qiao Xi said politely, "Mr. Li, you come first." Li Yang went back politely: "No, no, no, you come first, you come first." Qiao Xi smiles: "That is OK, then I go first." She took off her coat, which had long sleeves and had to be rolled up for fear of getting dirty when serving soup. Feng Xuan bumped into Li Yang's thigh and whispered, "Brother, help others." Li Yang stared, thinking he had misheard: "You let me, let me, collapsible pallet box ,ibc spill containment pallet, help her?" "Of course, hurry up," urged Feng Xuan. "That's not good, is it?" This is a gentleman, what is not good? Hurry up. Li Yangwei had a meal. With a strong smile, he said to Qiao Xi, "Qiao, Miss Qiao, let me help you roll." With trembling hands and clenched teeth, he went to help Qiao Xi roll up his sleeves. Feng Xuan was so shocked that a heart almost jumped out of his chest. He immediately pushed Li Yang away and loudly covered up what Li Yang had just said: "Brother, I'll help Miss Qiao fill the soup. You just sit down." The moment Qiao Xi was stunned, the soup bowl in his hand had been taken over by Feng Xuan. Qiao Mo chuckled, "I'm not so active in asking you to pour a cup of coffee." Feng Xuan filled a bowl of soup and sat back in shock, his voice slightly empty: "I will be more active in the future to pour coffee." "Not very much." Qiao Mo glanced at his empty bowl and said, "I don't see you actively serving soup for your boss now." Feng Xuan immediately stood up again, took Qiao Mo's soup bowl, and respectfully filled a bowl of soup for Qiao Mo. He respectfully offered: "General Manager Qiao, enjoy your meal." Qiao Mo pulled up the corners of his mouth and said politely, "Thank you.". It would be better if Mr. Feng could respond positively to my messages in the future. Feng Xuan took out his cell phone and immediately said, "I will now set you as a special attention, the first contact, and a strong message reminder.". Mr. Qiao doesn't have to worry about my delayed reply anymore. ” The smile at the corners of Qiao Mo's mouth was more obvious: "It's really good. It seems that the work efficiency can be doubled in the future." In order to avoid turning into a special blind date between him and Qiao Mo, Feng Xuan threw the conversation back to Li Yang and Qiao Xi. I hear, I hear Miss Qiao sings very well. Li Yang should be used to this atmosphere. He no longer stutters so much, and his brain is a little more normal. I'm just a little dizzy. I can sing a little. Qiao Xi responded modestly. She tried to find a topic. "I used to know a girl who sang very well.". It was a pity that her family was not in good condition at that time and could not train her. Li Yang: "That, that is really too regrettable, if her family condition is good, perhaps in the future will be a singer." Qiao Xi smiled: "This story is very dramatic.". Later, she found that she was not the biological family, her biological parents are very rich, to find her, willing to train her to become a singer. It's just that she won't go back with her biological parents. "In real life, is there really such a thing?"? This, this is like what was played in that movie many years ago. Li Yang recalled for a long time, "that year a very popular idol drama, Mr. Wu and Miss Zhang played that, what is called, Princess sister!"! Yes! Princess, sister! Qiao Xi reminds slowly: "You say, be" Princess Little Sister "? "Oh yes, it's called Princess Little Sister." Li Yang clapped his legs and smiled, "Miss Qiao has a good memory. This is too many years ago. You can see that everyone is old." Feng Xuan kicked Li Yang madly and told him madly with his eyes: "Brother, if you can't chat, will you shut up?"? It might as well be a special blind date for him and Qiao Mo! Chapter 21 who is whose assistant? Qiao Xi is gentle and kind, although Li Yang frequently "speaks surprisingly",collapsible bulk containers, he does not show his unhappiness. The dishes were gradually served, and several people began to eat. With rice to plug Li Yang's mouth, Feng Xuan's nervous nerves finally relaxed. binpallet.com