Wan Wan smiled and said, "Actually, according to Shu Fei's favor, it's only a matter of time before she gets pregnant with a dragon fetus." Yi Huan hesitated a little and shook his head heavily: "No, no.". Love between men and women, after all, is only skin to skin. No matter how strong the holy favor is, it is nothing but the flowing water of your grace, which is attributed to the void. Only the child is formed by the fusion of my blood and his blood. From then on, between heaven and earth, there is an inseparable connection between me and the emperor. Only in this way can I come here in vain. If Yi listens to be in a daze, the acerbity of the heart and joy, persistence and expectation, Yi Huan is his bosom friend as expected. She is not only hope that there is a small person, from him and her, in the vast world, to prove that their feelings are not false. So thinking, unconsciously hold the meaning of joy. Hands, each other speechless, also all understand to the extreme. In this way, it was not until Yihuan was a little tired that Ruyi went back to his palace. Wan Wan accompanied Ruyi, and the palace people who served her were all ten feet away from her. Ruyi looked at Wan Wan's smiling face and said, "Are your cheeks sour with laughter?" She touched her face and said in a low voice, "I'm glad to see Sister Shu Fei get what she wants, but I still can't help feeling sour in my heart." Ruyi liked her undisguised tone: "No matter how sour your heart is, don't show it on your face.". No matter how good a sister is, if your face is sour, it is hard to avoid the time when people eat their hearts. Remember, stay in this palace, when it's time to laugh, you have to laugh even if you want to cry; when it's time to cry,Glucono Delta Lactone, you have to cry even if you are happy. Come here. If you can't control your own joys and sorrows, it's not the way to survive in the palace. "The empress was very happy all night. She told her sister Shu Fei so many ways to maintain her pregnancy. In fact, the empress felt bad, didn't she?" Ruyi stretched out her hand and caught the cool night dew falling from the branches: "As you said, I am happy for Shu Fei, but also sad for myself.". I know so many ways to maintain pregnancy, but I can't use them on myself. "Empress, to tell you the truth, what kind of medicine did Shu Fei drink? My concubine also drank it.". For so many years, there was no movement at all. It can be seen that there is no blessing. Although Ruyi understood the whole story, how could she explain it? She had to say tactfully, "It was unexpected that Concubine Shu was pregnant.". She has served the emperor for eight or nine years. Who would have thought? You also want to have a son too much, maybe like Shu Fei, stop taking medicine, maybe you can have it. Know! Wan Wan's tone was as faint as a complaint: "I hope so!"! I hope I can be like Shu Fei's elder sister and be taken care of by God. Ruyi brushed a wisp of silver amethyst tassels on her temples, which had been ruffled by the night wind, Theobromine Powder ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and said to her, "Although I have been conferred the title of empress and have been favored by the emperor for a while, I am still thirty-three years old.". Concubine Chun and Concubine Jia are still older than this palace, and the concubine Mei is also in her thirties. Among the young concubines, you are the best. "Don't worry about everything. If you relax, you'll be fine." Such as in the world of ice and snow suddenly got a bowl of hot soup in hand, Wan Wan heart a warm, eyes filled with crystal tears: "Thank you for the care of the empress." The candle in the graceful hall was faint, and the dim light was naturally not as bright and bright as the lights in the palace of Shu Fei. There were more than a dozen bowls of dark soup in front of her, and the smell made her brain heavy. Wan Wan's face seemed to be smiling and crying, as if she had been ruthless, with a few desires. Crazy expression, a bowl of soup like ink into the throat. Chun Chan was so frightened that after she drank seven or eight bowls, she had to stop her and said, "Little Lord, don't drink!"! Stop drinking! You drink like this, this is medicine after all, even if it is tonic soup, you can't stand to drink like this! Kui Wan grabbed the cup of medicine that Chun Chan had stopped and drank another bowl. She said bitterly, "Shu Fei drinks the same medicine as this palace. She's pregnant. Why can't this palace be pregnant?"! I don't believe it, I don't believe it! Even if the favor of this palace is not as good as hers, you can make up for it by drinking a few more bowls of medicine! Before she had finished speaking, there was a sudden surge in her throat, and all the medicinal soup she had drunk came out, and she vomited on her clothes one mouthful at a time, sliding down muddy water marks. "Don't do this, little Lord," said Chun Chan. "It hurts you too much!"! You are still young, and the future is long! "The future is long," Wan Wan cried? What is the future of this palace? Grace is not as good as the old year, even the forehead of the palace Niang disliked the palace can not give birth to a child! What is a woman without children? Chun Chan was so frightened that she quickly went to cover her mouth and lowered her voice. "Keep your voice down, little master," she said. "What does it matter if the empress hears it?" Wan Wan was so frightened that she couldn't help shedding tears. She covered her lips and tried to suppress the cry. She looked at Chun Chan wiping the soup medicine she had vomited for herself. Suddenly, she was in a hurry to grab the soup bowl on the table again. She was almost stunned and said, "No, no!"! How can it be useful to vomit so much? This palace drinks a few more bowls, have to make up! We must make up for it! Chun Chan was so frightened that she knelt down and said, "Don't do this, little Lord!"! This medicine for sitting on the fetus may not work. You see Shu Fei Xiaozhu did not say, she is also a meal without a meal to drink, suddenly there is! She concentrated for a moment, but still couldn't help saying, "Don't you think it's strange, little Lord?"? At the beginning, Shu Fei was small Every time the Lord drank, he didn't get pregnant. How could he get pregnant without a meal. Did she stop drinking to get pregnant? Or if you don't drink this medicine, you can get pregnant. Wan Wan immediately fell out and shouted, "What nonsense are you talking about?"? This prescription has been shown to all the doctors in the palace. It is a good medicine for helping pregnancy. Chun Chan hesitated and said, "The maidservant can't say. The medicine in the palace.." The medicine in the palace is hard to say. The little master might as well stop the medicine, wrap up the dregs of the medicine and send it out for people to see what it is! She raised her eyebrows and even changed her voice. "Do you suspect that this medicine is wrong?" "The maidservant doesn't know whether it's right or not," said Chun Chan. It's just that we should be more careful! Who let Shu Fei drink the medicine on and off to get pregnant? The maidservant murmured in her heart. As soon as Wan Wan was told by her,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, she was also a little suspicious: "That's good.". This matter will be handed over to you by the palace, and if it is done well, the palace will be rewarded. 。 pioneer-biotech.com