Song Yao secretly surprised in the heart, did not expect Xia Ze has promised to China to this point, it seems that she came this time is the right choice, but also the province was caught off guard. But she was so stupid and gullible that it was completely beyond her expectation. So much so that you have to make adjustments if you think about it before. It's too profound. I'm afraid she won't understand. It's really distressing. Song Yao with a bit of coax, "Ah, come with us to the capital, there are a lot of fun things, there are a lot of new things." "But I can't see my brother." "It's said that the capital will be separated, so I don't want it." Song Yao's heart loosened, saying that the relationship between Huaying and Huating was ambiguous, and now it seems that it is true. If I could guarantee that you could see Mr. Hua Ting every day, would you like to go? Song Yao is earnest and good at guiding. Go Huaying did not miss Song Yaozhi's proud smile. She only promised to go to the capital, but not to the palace. Ah! It's hot! With an exclamation of surprise, her hand slipped, and the bracelet that Song Yao had previously given her fell to the ground. That bracelet is really strange, that red as if to soak blood, the red dot is facing Song Yao, as if with blood eyes. What was more terrible was that the ground was almost instantly blackened, and the bracelet. No damage at all. At the same time,outdoor hot tub, the window suddenly rang and opened without wind. A cold draught wind passed through the hall in the hot summer morning, and there was a woman's mournful cry. Song Yao's face suddenly turned pale and her voice trembled, "Yes." Who is it? Hua Yan looked at her inexplicably. "What are you talking about, empress?" "You didn't hear?" Song Yao was frightened to death, and her extreme fear came up. She almost cried out bitterly, "Lin Fengju!"! Lin Fengju! Lin Fengju raised her eyebrows slightly and came over to feel her pulse. Song Yao's pupils suddenly dilated, and her hand pointed at Lin Fengju's shoulder,outdoor whirlpool tub, where there was a faint black face of a woman. , 17 Charm "Empress, are you awake?" Sun Mammy, who had previously scolded Huaying, rushed up to show her loyalty for the first time, and then a large group of people surrounded her. Instead, Huaying and Lin Fengju, who had been around Song Yao, were pushed aside. Hua, who was rubbing and yawning in the dark, cleverly rubbed the tears out of her eyes and exchanged a wink with Lin Fengju, who had always been expressionless, and saw schadenfreude in each other's eyes. When Song Yao woke up, endless swim spa ,4 person jacuzzi, she was listless. When she saw that Hua was still on one side, her face suddenly stiffened and she waved her hand weakly. "Let her go down and rest first." Hua is waiting to see a joke, how can you go at this time? Naturally put on a look of concern, in Lin Fengju intentionally or unintentionally under the way to kill a blood road from the Mammy, face almost close to the nose of Song Yao. Song Yao's neck suddenly stiffened, and there was no way to avoid it. She could only watch and almost stick the tip of her nose to the tip of her nose. By the way, she listened to each other's innocent and pure question, "Empress, is the child in your belly all right?"? Just now I heard the imperial concubine shouting to see the ghost, it is said. Only the reincarnated child of the fierce ghost will see the appearance of the previous life when she is pregnant. Song Yao's face suddenly changed greatly, Sun Mammy immediately stepped forward, "no rules, slap mouth!"! This is the son and grandson of Daxia! His face was full of innocence. "I heard there was such a saying. When I was in the Taoist temple, I heard the master say so." Taoist temple? Song Yao narrowed her eyes slightly and raised her hand to stop the rest of the Mammy who had come up to scold. "What did you say?"? Have you ever been in a Taoist temple? With a snort, she looked disdainfully at Mammy Sun. "Ah Wu has been practicing in a Taoist temple for many years since he was a child. Not to mention the rest, I've heard a lot about ghosts and gods. My master is a person who is quick to attain the Tao. How can he fool me with this?" That's enough. This affectation really makes people's teeth sour, but I didn't expect that Huazhen had actually practiced in the Taoist temple, and that magic stick Fang Li, in fact, is Huazhen's brother. I just don't know why the relationship between the brother and sister seems so bad. The speaker is unintentional, the listener is intentional, Song Yao was originally guilty, after listening to Huaying's firm statement, the uneasiness in his heart became more and more intense. But before that, she has to ask another person for confirmation. Doctor Lin. Song Yao called in a low voice, a delicate look that I could not see pity. Hua turned his head away silently. This is not Xia Ze. Hey, don't take out your delicate white lotus flower when you see a man. I'm tired of seeing you for so many years. Although she has a belly, she can't bear the fact that most men in the world like this kind of woman who can give them the so-called sense of dignity of a big man. The imperial concubine. Lin Fengju answered coldly, and the Mammy found that the miraculous doctor had been pushed to the periphery by them, and immediately rushed to move the chair to Lin Fengju for tea. From the previous life to this life, she has never received such a high treatment in Song Yao. Isn't it a miracle doctor who can cure the living dead with white bones? What's the big deal! Seeing that Mammy had finished serving Lin Fengju, Song Yao blushed with a pink face and opened her mouth timidly. "Doctor Lin, what happened to this palace just now?"? I seem to feel a little uncomfortable, my child. It seems to be moving. As for the horrible and ferocious female ghost she had just seen on Lin Fengju's shoulder, she naturally could not mention it again, but could only hint at Lin Fengju to see if she could prove that it was only her physical illness, not by any means. Have a ghost in your heart. The baby has grown up, and if it doesn't move, it will be stillborn. Lin Fengju answered with an expressionless face. The Mammy wanted to open her mouth but didn't dare. Lin Fengju didn't look like Hua Yu. It was well known that she had a strange temper. If one of them accidentally left Lin Fengju, the whole family's head would not be cut off by the angry Xia Ze. Just as she had just scolded Hua before, that was the first dragon son of Daxia! Song Yao's smile stiffened, "is there anything wrong with the body of this palace?" "No." Lin Fengju shook his head,massage bathtub manufacturers, "I have just checked, you are in good health, the fetus is also very stable." 。