I have never seen such a primitive and natural beauty running excitedly in the forest sometimes jumping and running sometimes carefully both surprised and afraid of trampling on the pure white Ying Zheng gazed at me silently with a faint smile on his lips Ying Zheng what kind of flower is this I picked a flower and brought it to his nose Apple blossom He didn't smell it he just looked at me It's beautiful I'm not willing to get closer He had no choice but to suck his nose symbolically Does it smell good I asked Incense His eyes blurred and he pulled me over snorting through my eyelashes itching I was shocked in my heart His lips came up warm and gentle as if they had been suppressed for years of lovesickness and longing I felt the white flowers and the heaven and the earth whirled holding Ying Zheng's clothes tightly His voice whispered in my ear "Ying Ying you know I always have such a dream" I woke up All he wanted to kiss was another woman I pushed him away and stepped back Ying Zheng's eyes were deep in my heart His hand wanted to catch me but he couldn't put it down Come with me He said Ying Zheng went to an apple tree and took my hand I earned it but Ying Zheng didn't let it go The flowers are blooming very well and the fruits in autumn must be very delicious Why are we talking about this again His idea is really hard to figure out I turned my attention Apparel from him to the tree The tree has thick branches luxuriant branches and brilliant flowers Yes the tree is really thick I followed his words But he did not speak again and his eyes were filled with clear waves of memories through the flowers At that moment I really believed that there was a fox spirit in the world The main text accompanies you like a tiger Compared with the excitement when we came we went back rather silent Ying Zheng what is that In order to break the embarrassment I took the initiative to point to the distance and ask It used to be a ruined temple It was said to be haunted and burned down When I asked again he said "This place is called Shanglin Garden which is usually sparsely populated so there are always some ghost legends" "Does no one want to come into such a beautiful place" "Yes all the people who came in are dead" "Why" "This is the imperial garden The law of the Qin Dynasty stipulates that anyone who enters without permission will die" It's a cruel law that wastes this beautiful scenery As soon as we came back before we could sit down Zhao Gao said "Han Shi has come to pay his respects" Ying Zheng changed his court clothes and left immediately After seeing Ying Zheng off I was upset when I remembered what happened today Wandering in the Xianyang Palace I came to my senses and found myself lost I am familiar with every place in Xianyang Palace except the southwest where Ying Zhengming ordered me not to go It's really desolate here I want to leave but I can't find the way I came A small grave appeared in the weeds The tomb was so simple and deep that it seemed that no one had been there for years China Manufacturers How can there be a tomb in the Qin Palace I pushed aside the grass and looked at the inscription carefully To my disappointment there is only one book on it Wandering at the end of the world It turns out that like me I am a wanderer I can not help but move in my heart the same is the end of the world why have we met before I weeded the grave and worshipped carefully in front of it Although I don't know whether the elder is male or female and who his name is I'm afraid I can't meet him in my life May your soul rest in peace When I finished my meditation I got up and suddenly felt the wind blowing in the bamboo forest in the distance like a sobbing cry My hair stood on end thinking of the different versions of haunted rumors circulating in the palace and I ran wildly Finally ran out of the southwest corner I had a little rest by the well of Yuchi and then went back to my residence He ordered the palace people to prepare hot water pull weeds and mud all over the body and get rid of evil spirits After washing I got up and went outside the screen to get clothes I always let the palace people send clothes and leave This time I went outside the screen and was surprised to find Ying Zheng standing there sullenly Startled I ran back in a hurry but hung down the screen and jumped back into bed to wrap myself in the quilt Ying Zheng just stood there like a sculpture I felt the atmosphere was awkward and weird and my eyes turned "What did Han Shi say today" 。 Pull the nightgown beside the bed I asked someone to do it for me Offer a piece of land His expression softened a little It's a good thing that the whole country is celebrating and all the people are happy But if you have nothing to do with gallantry you will either rape or steal I smiled ingratiatingly and the clothes were almost there When his hand touched the clothes he suddenly came to me I withdrew my Textiles & Leather Products hand in horror You still have the same courage to lie to me for so long He said resentfully I wonder how I lied to him Hmm "You said you weren't Yingying" He was furious and slapped the bedpost I still don't understand If you are not Yingying how can you like chicken wings best how can you read a lot of books but write a bad word and how can you be so similar to her temperament "So what" He paused his hand shaking slightly at the bedpost "I will sweep his grave" It turned out that he had been following me Don't tell me it's all a coincidence He went on But it's really a coincidence I opened my eyes wide "You calm down first" It's all a misunderstanding How do I know why other people are like me It's really a complete misunderstanding to sweep the grave Misunderstanding He no longer hesitated and lifted my quilt I curled up and hugged my body and stared at him angrily He grabbed my arm and brought me to him and there was a smell of alcohol He's been drinking again His anger was strong and real and there was no escape for me The fire in his eyes was burning more and more and with a hard push I was shocked to turn over With my back to him I could still feel his breath approaching Sure enough accompanying you is like accompanying a tiger I closed my eyes and waited I was not going to struggle He was slow to respond Half ring You're really not Ying Ying I've said it ten thousand times No There was no further movement I looked back and saw him sitting on the ground with his head in his hands like a helpless baby trade-global.com