In many people's eyes, cooking is not a big deal, monks can do it, ordinary people can do it. Kitchen repair can't make alchemy, can't refine utensils, and is not good at attack skills. He can only immerse himself in cooking. Compared with other monks, he has no advantage. Accustomed to being looked down upon by other monks, the white case gradually gave up. Even if they are despised, even if they can not have more opportunities to practice, as long as they can adhere to the Tao in their hearts, they are also practicing. The real man said yes? "Thank you very much," he said. "I'll write back to the clan and report the good news to the suzerain." Seeing the girl so happy, the wrinkles on the forehead of the white case stretched out. Accustomed to being ignored, it is enough to make them happy for a long time to find that someone really likes their kitchen repair. Chapter 66 square head. "My left eye has been beating all the time today. Is something good happening?" He forgot to walk into the main hall, sat down on the chair next to Pei Huai, and began to tidy up his clothes. He straightened his sleeves, straightened the hem of his robe, and pretended to pat the ashes from time to time, wishing everyone could see him in his new clothes. Qingyuan cold hum, show off what, is not the apprentice to buy? "Why don't you look in the crack of the door and maybe you can dig out a few jade coins from it?" Qingyuan rolled his eyes to the sky. Forgetting to ignore his jealous face, he continued to bow his head and tidy up his robe, so angry that Qingyuan rolled his eyes even wider. Heng Yan walked out of the inner room and saw several peak owners. He gave a dry cough and said, "I want you to come here today because I have good news to tell you." "Have all the evil practitioners been arrested?" Qingyuan asked with an expressionless face? "You want to raise our monthly salary?" Forget to look forward to it. Neither. Heng Yan pointed to the messenger on his hand, "Last night's letter said that Wuwei Zhuang was willing to attach himself to me." "Really?" The five peak masters were all excited, and Qingyuan, who had the heaviest appetite, even stood up from his chair. "Did Martial Nephew really convince the white case?" "Really." Heng Yan nodded and said with a smile, "It's also a coincidence that I just went to Wuweizhuang to handle affairs, so I brought it up with the white case.". The white case said that as long as our Yunhua Gate was willing to recruit them, he would agree. "Martial Nephew is really promising. He has done what we have been looking forward to for so long." Qingyuan was so happy that he rubbed his hands. "Headmaster, this is a serious matter. I will be responsible for this matter. I will prepare the gift for Wuweizhuang." "Don't worry, I've asked Wu Chuan to prepare the gift." When Heng Yan saw that Qingyuan wished he could visit Wuweizhuang right away, he raised his hand and pressed it down. "I've done this great thing. I've decided to give her some rewards. Why?" "It should not only be rewarded, but also greatly rewarded." Qingyuan took out a pile of the best elixir from the collection ring. "This is my addition." When it comes to Zongmen's public rewards, Heng Yan never makes decisions alone. She is a disciple of Qiyuefeng, although the other four peak owners also like her very much, but when it comes to cultivation resources, if not handled well, secondary containment pallet ,plastic pallet crates, it may also cause contradictions. Many contradictions come from insufficient communication, and Heng Yan doesn't want Zongmen to be unhappy because of these trifles. Younger Martial Nephew has made such a great contribution. Not to mention that we want to reward her, even other disciples may want to give her a thank-you gift. Pei Huai took out a few brilliant magic weapons, "I also take some things to add, recently did not refine any good instruments, and so on out of the best instruments, I will supply her." The four peak owners rushed to add their heads, and as a result, the things they sent were even more valuable than the list of reward items planned by Heng Yan. It seems that you really welcome Wuweizhuang. Heng Yan looked at the table full of amulets and pills, "Qingyuan, you work hard these days, go to visit Wuweizhuang with Wuchuan, and confirm the schedule.". If people are willing to become our affiliated schools, we can't wronged them. It is enough to express the sincerity of Yunhua Gate that the Fengzhu of Zhuzong and the first disciple of Zhangzong sent gifts to the door in person. Two days later, when the disciples of Wuweizhuang were still making sweet or salty osmanthus cakes, someone suddenly knocked on their door. Less than three days after entering the door, Chu Jixuan, shivering under the pots and pans, opened the door and saw more than ten monks standing outside. The leading monk had snow-white hair and ruddy complexion, and could not see any old age. The monk, who was half a step behind him, looked in his early twenties, dressed in white with a silver sword, his hair neatly tied with a jade crown, and his handsome face looked a little serious. Little friend, I am Qingyuan, the peak owner of Chenxia Peak in Yunhua Gate, and I come to visit you with gifts. Is it the clan of fairies? Chu Jixuan gave them his hand and said, "Please wait a moment. The younger generation is going to inform the headmaster." "Thank you." "I dare not." Chu Jixuan turned his head and ran back, almost bumping into Dan Hong, the first disciple of the Palm Sect. Seeing that he was in a hurry, Danhong thought he was frightened by his classmates and comforted him by saying, "Don't be afraid. Everyone is just fastidious about eating. At other times, they are very gentle." "Elder Martial Sister, I'm not afraid. It's just that outside the door, there is an immortal who claims to be the Lord of Yunhua Gate. I'm going to report to the master." "Wait, which clan did you say?" "Yun, Yunhua Gate." Chu Jixuan saw that Elder Martial Sister's expression had changed too obviously. Remembering her heroic posture of beating Second Elder Martial Brother with a pot, she took a small step back. What does Yunhua Gate carry? "Carry.." Receiving gifts? Chu Jixuan faintly felt that something was wrong, and most people would not specifically explain that they had brought gifts when they came to visit. What is the meaning of accepting gifts here? Is it to accept a woman from the clan as a concubine? Thinking of this, Chu Jixuan frowned. Although he had only been in Wuweizhuang for a few days, he also saw that these fellow students were all people who were infatuated with cooking and had a simple character. The Lord of Chenxia Peak was very old, and he still wanted to find a concubine? Is the friar so shameless? "Elder Martial Sister,plastic pallet suppliers, I'm going to tell them that the Headmaster is not here." Chu Jixuan rolled up his sleeves and decided to shut the old shameless man out. No, I'm not here. Why don't you go and tell Shifu? Danhong slapped him on the back of the head and put his hands on his hips and said to the younger brothers and sisters who were still quarreling, "Take away all the pots and pans. Something great has happened." 。